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The Developer.com Network is the network for software development professionals. Comprised of premier sites and vibrant forum communities, The Developer.com Network is the go-to resource for technical information written by developers for developers across the spectrum of development roles, platforms, programming languages, and methodologies.

The industry-renowned Developer.com Network sites include Developer.com, DevX, CodeGuru and HTMLGoodies. All the sites are organized into four content channels -- Microsoft and C/C++ technologies, Java and open source development, Web development, and enterprise application development. Within its core subject focus, every channel also covers the most impactful technologies in the software industry today such as mobile, cloud and HTML5.

The Developer.com Network attracts more than 7 million unique visitors each month via our sites, email newsletters, announcement lists, and online events. The Developer.com Network audience are largely educated, experienced software development professionals who evaluate, recommend or purchase development products and services for their organizations. They come to the Developer.com Network to:

  • Find tutorials and how-to's
  • Explore industry news and insights
  • Access product information and reviews
  • Participate in discussion forums
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  • And much more

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