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Written by: Alex "Sharky" Ross : July 11th 1999

This section will be updated on a weekly basis with the hottest downloads from around the Internet. Everything from utlities, game patches, game demos and other goodies will be available right here. If they're listed then chances are the Sharky Extreme crew has had the chance to play with them and give them a two fins up. Happy downloading!

1. Quake III: Arena Test Phase IV : You played the first one and what a joy it was to play! The curved surfaces and 24-bit with 8-bit stencil buffering turned on still makes it look like the most amazing game to date. And the benchmark works too...

2. Creative Unified Drivers : Creative Labs has gotten themselves into some hot water with 3dfx. A pending law suit might well put a stop to Creative's own drivers that allow you to play GLide based games on a TNT/TNT2. All we know is that the drivers DO work so if you have a TNT2/TNT grab them while it's LEGAL.

3. Starsiege Tribes 1.05 Patch : Tribes, everyone's favorite online multiplayer game now gets an update with this new patch.

4. 3dfx ICD Drivers For Quake 3: Arena : The Quake: 3 Arena test is ever so close now. Thus 3dfx has gotten their act together and released new drivers for Voodoo Graphics, Voodoo2, Voodoo Rush and Voodoo3 based cards that are Q3A compliant.

5. Half-Life: Team Fortress Classic : Valve Software's long awaited TFC patch for Half-Life is actually out. Can the game of the year in 1998 actually get any better? yes it can.. download the patch right away and find out.

6. KingPin: Life of Crime Demo : Xatrix's long awaited Quake 2 engine powered first person shooter is now available for download. Thos of you with 32-bit color capable cards do NOT want to miss this one.

7. Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer : Lucas Arts has also released a demo version of their super-cool 3D racing game, Racer, which was one of the better scenes in the film.

8. Star Wars: Episode 1 Phantom Menace : Star Wars: Episode 1 is now out and so are the games. At least you can try BEFORE you buy as Lucas Arts has now released this 3D action/adventure game in demo form. Think Tomb Raider with light sabres.

9. Half Life patch : Valve Software's 'game of the year for 1998' gets a welcome patch update.

10. SiN 1.05 Patch : Ritual's 3D first person shooter, SiN, gets all patched up with version 1.05.

One For Luck Gamespy 2.10 : This is an ESSENTIAL download for all you Quake 3 fans. Gamespy is the NET's best gamefinder. Version 2.10 actually happens to be Quake 3 compliant.

And Something Extra. Where are those Sharks?

"Everything from utlities, game patches, game demos and other goodies will be available right here"

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