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Sharky Extreme : Games November 1, 2005

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    Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Review
    By Dilip "Klashe" Trivedi :  July 30, 2003

    Multiplay Mayhem

    These enhancements do their job in TFT multiplayer, and it's difficult to say which race has a specific advantage. At the beginning of RoC, the Night Elf took a quick leap forward, mainly because mass-producing huntresses resulted in an inevitable win. No similar strategy has been discovered yet in TFT. The undead do have a strong advantage late in the game, with their Necromancers backed up by Crypt Fiends and Obsidian Statues, and it's hard to think of an effective counter for that. The Human's fast expansion is still a possibility, although it's been extremely hobbled with the construction reduction of the peon speed build.

    The Orc Grunt rush can be extremely powerful and the defending players still need to be on guard, especially since the Orc player is free to tech to air or casters. The Night Elf is probably the weakest TFT race, mainly because of susceptibility to an Orc or Undead rush. But with counters and strategies constantly being discovered as time progresses, new tactics may crop up that twist the balance completely around.

    TFT doesn't stop with fixing race weakness and balance issues, but also attempts to remedy overall game weaknesses and, for the most part, it succeeds. Creeping in RoC was not so much fun, as it was necessary. In order to build your heroes up in level and get some extra income, attacking the AI sentries seemed out of place in a multiplayer game where you were supposed to be going up against human intelligence. In TFT, the experience you gain from creeping has been reduced, the money that you receive has been cut-rate and the hero levels you can reach have been capped. The creeping focus of TFT has shifted from a forced homework assignment to an extra credit project that can be accomplished when time permits.

    Another small but useful addition is hitting the Alt key during a battle can reveal all units' health bars on the screen. This gives players information on how the overall battle is playing itself out and can clue you in on when to stay and duke it out, and when to retreat.

    Fit for a King

    The Frozen Throne expansion pack couldn't have arrived at a more perfect time, especially when players are becoming more vocal concerning the imbalances of the original Warcraft 3. By revamping the races and improving the gameplay, Blizzard has created a nearly perfect multiplayer expansion pack. Its only flaw is the solid, though unsatisfying, single-player experience. Only time will tell if Warcraft 3 will surpass Starcraft for pure longevity, but from the initial community response to The Frozen Throne, it's definitely on the right path.


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    Page 2On The Frozen Throne
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