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  • Computers are a lot like sushi in a way. To the uninitiated, they are both somewhat intimidating. Once you've had a bite though (or should I say byte?), you more often than not become addicted. If the “computer bug” has already bitten you then you are probably a member of SharkyForums.com. If not, I urge you to join – you'll probably feel the urge to tweak your system for better performance. If you're having a hard time getting your video card installed properly or your motherboard won't boot, post the problem and more often than not, one of our forum members will happily answer.

    Each week we take several of the most popular/insightful/controversial threads and present them to you for easy digestion. Feel free to add your own thoughts (subtract the profanity, please) and help us multiply the reader participation here at Sharky Extreme (and you thought math was tough…). We've added links on each spotlight page so you can easily add your own comments and contribute to the debate! If your repartee strikes us as useful, humorous, or otherwise entertaining, it stands the distinct possibility of being featured next week. Without further ado…

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    Moore's Law
    We have exciting news coming very soon on this very topic, but until then, we'd like to know what you all think of the state of the processor industry. Where will Moore's Law hit a barrier? Transistor size? Quantum effects (electrons jumping through closed gates)? How about variations in statistical fluxuation?

    Which Hard Drives Handle High PCI Speeds Best?
    Invaluable information for any overclocker. Once you start messing with your PCI bus speed, sensitive devices like hard disks and network cards are susceptible to data corruption. This thread should help those who are looking for a reliable hard drive that will perform on an overclocked machine.

    What Is HSR
    Last week we gave you some details about the Voodoo5's HSR-capable drivers without telling you what HSR is! In case you need a little clarification, give this thread a thorough read-through. Was anything missed? Make your own contribution!

    5.1 Sound Worth It?
    I've recently upgraded from a 2.1 to 5.1 speaker system, and I must say the difference is incredible. Coupled with a Dolby Digital decoder, DVDs come alive and music becomes more enveloping.

    Loyal To Sharky?
    This thread brings a tear to my eye. I'm glad so many of our readers have found SharkyForums.com to be a helpful community. If there is ever anything you would like to see done, never hesitate to shoot me an email. Although I might be slow responding (you should see my Inbox), I will answer you. Thanks guys!

    Best Wishes To Galen Of Edgewood In His Marriage
    One of our forum members just got married! Please join us in wishing him a prosperous life with his new bride. Cheers Galen!

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