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  • I honestly can't imagine what life was like 100 years ago. Having grown up in an era inundated with technology, it is hard to picture living without the wonderful widgets with which we work on daily.

    Such philosophical reflections don't occur often - something must be askew. Ah, that's right, here in California we are now subject to “rolling blackouts” due to an energy crisis, leaving our desktop computers dormant, and Sharky Extreme staffers free to sit around and think. It must be a true feeling of power to flip a switch, realizing anyone unlucky enough to be typing, say, a doctoral thesis on his or her desktop just lost hours worth of work. On the bright side, we've formulated a new game entitled Speed Posting. The object is to log onto SharkyForums.com and discuss whatever suits your fancy, all before your electricity gets shut off. Those of you with battery-backup are automatically disqualified! Think of it this way – SharkyForums.com is your Autobahn. Just like Volkswagen, Drivers Wanted (even if it is in one of those new puke green Turbonium Beetles).

    Each week we take several of the most popular/insightful/controversial threads and present them to you for easy digestion. Feel free to add your own thoughts (subtract the profanity, please) and help us multiply the reader participation here at Sharky Extreme (and you thought math was tough…). We've added links on each spotlight page so you can easily add your own comments and contribute to the debate! If your repartee strikes us as useful, humorous, or otherwise entertaining, it stands the distinct possibility of being featured next week. Without further ado…

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    Registered Users: 6,938
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    Current Sharky Forums Stats
    Registered Users: 7,337
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    NVIDIA Industry Interview
    If you've got questions you'd ask to like NVIDIA Corporation, this is the place to post them. We'll select a few of them to be answered in interview format by representatives of the graphics giant.

    Early Itanium Info
    Intel's 64-bit processor, Itanium, is just around the corner and several forum members are discussing features and pricing. If you'd like to join in on this highly technical discussion, feel free to contribute!

    P4 Article
    Arcadian is one of the most versed forum members when it comes to the architecture of the Pentium 4, and in this thread he does an excellent job of explaining it to the rest of us. Among the topics discussed are: general P4 architecture, programming for the P4, and the effects of L2 associativity.

    Successful Overclocks
    Care to brag? If you've overclocked your processor, you have good reason to! There are already five pages of readers with successful overclocking experiences so feel free to join the melee.

    AMD As An Investment
    Many of the savvy computer enthusiasts in the forums are looking towards the rivaling processor manufacturers as opportunities for a profitable investment. AMD is the topic for discussion this go 'round.

    Newsted Leaves Metallica
    It seems as though one of the members of rock group Metallica has decided to up and leave. Anyone want to comment on this?

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