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DX8 Radeon Vs. NVIDIA
Does the Radeon have what it takes to power through DIrectX 8, or will NVIDIA's upcoming NV20 deliver a swift, fatal blow? Are you anticipating a "Radeon MAXX" or will you just wait to see what is available next spring?

Santa Cruz or Sound Blaster Live!?
We've been impressed by Turtle Beach's latest addition to the sound card market, but we'd like to hear what you think! Is it a better card than the aging Live! or will you stick to Creative's tried-and-true solution?

NIC Advice
Have an opinion regarding a network interface card? The guys in this thread sure did. If you're dealing with high-speed networking, you're going to want a reliable NIC, so make your voice heard in this discussion!

G4 or P4?
Which is going to be faster? Since we don't have either, we couldn't give you solid benchmarked numbers, but these guys will surely lend you an opinion or two.

Optical Mice
Microsoft isn't alone in the optical mouse market any more. Some even say Logitech's optical offering is better than Microsoft's Intellimouse Pro! Which do you prefer? Have you had problems with your optical mouse?

I Like Cheese!
Our fearless leader always seems to attract the er, "interesting" posts. Nevermind that though, cause we like cheese too! If we've caught you on your lunch break, let us know what kind of cheese you prefer.

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