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  • SharkyForums.Com - Print: Black PC Parts! And..... CDROMS! WHOO!

    Black PC Parts! And..... CDROMS! WHOO!
    By Mark April 13, 2001, 09:22 PM

    Hey guys im using a 3Dcool Tornado3000 case (which is black) and I would like as many black components to go with it.

    I need a good CD-ROM drive, CDRW drive, 19" Monitor and keyboard + Optical mouse. Do any of you know were I can get these items in BLACK? And I also guess the darn Live Drives only come in white?

    Thanks alot guys... O YEA I cant find anyone that sells Klipsch Pro Media speakers, anyone know of a good retailer?

    Thanks alot!


    By Praxxus April 13, 2001, 09:59 PM

    I've gotten some good black components at http://www.directron.com

    and occasionally you stumble across them over at Computer Geeks.

    By Sergeant Tux April 13, 2001, 10:34 PM

    Well, whatever you cant get in black, you could always take out on the back patio with a can of black spray paint, and make your own black peripherals!

    By Seabass April 13, 2001, 10:36 PM

    yeh i agree with sargent...just get a normal cdrom, monitor, ect and paint it. It will end up costing alot less and you can make it look exaclty how you want it

    good idea sergant

    By ME April 13, 2001, 11:04 PM

    search pricew@tch.com

    By Seabass April 13, 2001, 11:12 PM


    By HaRDWaRe_PiMP420 April 13, 2001, 11:19 PM

    Ya I'm getting the tornado 3000 too
    I alkready spraypainted and just paintbrushed some of my components.

    monitor iz kinda gard to spraypaint tho - all tose lil holes in it .....

    By Sanfam April 14, 2001, 12:01 AM

    Paint it. Easy solution. I've done it! Loads of fun
    Especially so when you run out of paint half way through the job

    By XBoxLPU April 14, 2001, 01:59 AM

    And it is fun to sniff the fresh wet paint............... Hmmmmm paint chips............

    By dantheman65 April 16, 2001, 05:50 AM

    Spray Paint And Paints Ok As Long As You Don't Spraypaint Crucial Things Like All Your Pins On Your CPU Or Drip Paint All Over CDROM Vents.

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