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  • Here we go with the first of May's Forums Spotlight and another selection of interesting and debatable threads from SharkyForums.com, put together in an easy-to-read format. This week the forum readers discuss Computers that hang on restart, a hardcore Linux discussion, SB Live Platinum, File Sharing, Exahertz, and much more!

    The Forums Spotlight is a highlight of just a few of the new topics posted in the SharkyForums, where over ten-thousand enthusiastic computer users post daily for help, to discuss the latest trends and products, or to just shoot the breeze in the Off Topic forum.

    Each week in the Forums Spotlight, we take several of the most popular, insightful, or even controversial threads and present them to you for easy digestion. Feel free to add your own thoughts (subtract the profanity, please) and help us multiply the reader participation here at Sharky Extreme (and you thought math was tough...). We've added links on each spotlight page so you can easily add your own comments and contribute to the debate! If your repartee strikes us as useful, humorous, or otherwise entertaining, it stands the distinct possibility of being featured next week.

    Without further ado...

    Last Week's Sharky Forums Stats
    Registered Users: 11,663
    Topics: 43,594
    Posts: 311,031

    Current Sharky Forums Stats
    Registered Users: 12,369
    Topics: 47,989
    Posts: 355,631

    Audio: SB Live Platinum - Corrosion?!
    Looking for technical explanations for why a soundcard is not working properly? Try rust proofing it instead. In a question posed to the members of the Audio/Sound forum, andyz311 is wondering if the corrosion he sees on the DIN connector of his SB Live Platinum might explain why he can't get any speakers to work.

    Technical Support Q/A: My computer hangs on restart
    Frenzy's computer hangs on restart and after search through Microsofts Knowledge Base he found it is caused by DOS drivers for the sound card. Now he is looking for a way to disable the DOS drivers.

    Technical Support Q/A: SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!!!!! Can't get past settings!
    Digital Anvil just got a new motherboard and processor. When the computer boots it goes straight into the BIOS, instead of booting. He said he made some changes in the BIOS on the first boot so mostly everyone thinks there is a setting wrong, but is there?

    Operating Systems: Whats your favorite distro of Linux??
    This is a nice informative hardcore Linux discussion. We could almost start a guide with this much info...

    Operating Systems: Will WindowsXP be the true and better reliable stable operating system for a while?
    WindowsXP is probably the most talked about topic on any messageboard these days. In this forum thread, loyal Sharky regulars voice their opinion on the matter.

    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: Exahertz??
    Will Moore's Law ever let up? Or will CPU speeds keep right on growing at these break-neck speeds ad infinitum? Maximum recently asked the CPU/Processors & Overclocking crowd this question and is getting answers that range from technical to philosophical. When do you think enough will be enough?

    Networks & Networking: Is it safe to run File Sharing along with internet sharing?
    "Just because you're paranoid," as the saying goes, "doesn't mean they're not really out to get you." Over in the Networks & Networking forum, Phos is looking for advice in how best to set up internet sharing on his PC.

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