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  • SharkyForums.Com - Print: WinME to 2000- worth 200 bucks?

    WinME to 2000- worth 200 bucks?
    By Ryoken May 30, 2001, 05:34 AM

    Well I am convinced that I must rid myself of the plague that is WindowsME!

    After looking at my comp specs (in sig) would you say that my computers full frame crushing potential has yet to be released? I don't wanna upgrade if it won't make much of an improvement.

    Will I have to buy the full version, or the upgrade?
    Will all my games and programs run on it? I mainly... erm... scratch that... ONLY play Tribes 2 now, so as long as that works...

    Is the $180 to get the upgrade worth the improvements?

    Also- I have heard that a 64 bit version of Win2K will be released in the future, and it will be optimized for the P4, which I have, so should I wait or is that never coming out or what?

    Just basically tell me everything I need to know about this, cuz I'm dumb.

    By Grizzly May 30, 2001, 08:45 AM

    That's a *nice* rig you got there. Using WinME on that bad boy is like putting 87-Octane in a Ferrari. I'd highly suggest spending $200 to get Win2000.

    Also, I wouldn't think about those 64bit Win2k rumors. If, or when that's released, I would wager that it would cost quite a bit. I've personally not read anything to confirm that this rumor is true. I'd be interested to find out.

    By Steve R Jones May 30, 2001, 08:51 AM

    Be sure and read this:

    Windows Me to Windows 2000 Upgrade Is Not Supported

    By dchakrab May 30, 2001, 08:58 AM

    ...actually, for gaming, why not move back to a win 98 setup? Or at least go dualboot with 98 and win2k...


    By Ryoken May 30, 2001, 09:51 AM

    So... I would have to buy a full copy (not the upgrade version), wipe the drive, and do a clean install?


    By Racer^ May 30, 2001, 10:46 AM

    I bought a full install (not upgrade) of Win2k for $125 including shipping a few months ago. Look on pricewatch...

    All (99%) of new PC games run on Windows 2000 and most (95%) recent PC games run on Windows 2000. Sometimes, it'll require downloading an update from the game manufacturer but thats not a very big deal. Upgrading to SP2 is a good idea as well.

    The only big problems you might have are running games designed to run in pure DOS mode. Such games (like Warcraft 2) often (65% of the time) run fine but it usually cannot get sound to work at all.

    [Note: The percentages I posted are a guess from my experiences and not from some scientific study, blah, blah, etc. ]

    By yunez May 30, 2001, 02:47 PM

    firstly theres no win2k upgrade from 98/ME. It uses a different kernel, u need a full install

    win2k provides greater stability than ME, however it boots much slower. I found this to be a major issue, and because of this i end up booting into winME more often in my dualboot system. Win2k generally performs better in business apps (although i dont see why u have to run office apps any faster), but lags a little in gaming.

    if you arent having problems or complaints with ME, i think you should stick to it. Win2k doesnt run some games, such as nbalive2001 or some other EA games, and also u might come across some problems u didnt have before. Win2k has some compatiblilty issues (though not as much as before, specially with SP2). The old adage "dont fix it if it aint broke" applies here

    dont expect OS heaven, if you didnt have problems beforehand then win2k wont be much of an improvement

    By coolqf May 30, 2001, 03:21 PM

    Just wait for Windows XP it comes out on Oct. 4th
    I HEAR that WinXP is just a perttier version of Win2k. It's basically the same stuff.

    It'll come withIE6 and MP8

    I imagine those are probably the main upgrades. like with winme.. the main upgrades?
    better internet experiene (IE 5.5)
    better gamng (Directx 7.1a)
    better mutimedia experience (MP7)

    So the difference will be probably small...

    I say wait for WinXP, because it will have a lot of the Win2K bugs fixed and will be much much more well rounded for OS compatability than Win2k.
    as for you being able to get the full or upgrade...
    You can without a problem just use the upgrade CD.

    By ariec May 30, 2001, 11:32 PM

    WinXP is a crossbreed between Win98 and Windows2000, using the NT/2000 kernel, from what I've read. It also seemed to me that if you turn off that crap-bubblegum looking GUI and return it to the normal Windows look, it's a pretty nice system.

    Apparently MS is furthering the capabilities of eyecandy effects from Win2kPro in XP, like the mouse and menu shadows, transparencies, etc. Window borders will be able to be customized, much like how WindowBlinds does it. It'll be nice to see what some people can do with customizing the GUI without needing a 3rd party program.

    As far as which OS to choose... I couldn't tell you since I haven't tried 2k or XP, but I have a 2kpro package coming in the mail. I'd really like to get my hands on XP too.

    By yunez May 31, 2001, 12:31 AM

    quote:Originally posted by ariec:
    WinXP is a crossbreed between Win98 and Windows2000, using the NT/2000 kernel, from what I've read.

    ive used all the above operating systems, and XP is basically win2k make more like ME, plus a little change in the interface. XP includes compressed file support, moviemaker, wizards, cd burning support, auto-thumbnails, etc. The GUI is horrible, trust me..youll switch back to classic in a day or two

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