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  • SharkyForums.Com - Print: sportster 56k modem never above 28.8

    sportster 56k modem never above 28.8
    By qqq1 June 21, 2001, 02:10 AM

    I have an internal sportster 56k fax pnp modem.(upgraded from the 33.6 version) I have never had this modem above 28.8, and that's only a few times in the few years I've had it. Usualy I connect at 26.4. This is exactly the same for 3 different isp's, all at different distances from my home. I have played with all kinds of settings and init strings trying to get this to connect faster, but with no luck. I've even tried different phone jacks in my house. I know I can connect faster from here because I have with a laptop that I got to use for a while. That ended up with speeds around 44.something. The modem is v.90 as is my isp. Does anyone have any idea's before I smash the thing and buy a new one? Thanks.

    By krazie662 June 21, 2001, 02:21 AM

    sometimes w/ older 56 k modems, i remember that you had to upgrade it in order for it to actually connect at 56

    By Mr.Squish June 21, 2001, 02:39 AM

    you using win98? It could be full of shit.... How fast do you download at?

    By qqq1 June 21, 2001, 02:51 AM

    I'm using windows98. I d/l at 3Kbps at most, usualy slower though.

    By Spaceman Spiff June 21, 2001, 05:22 AM

    I'm curious as to what causes this too. I have a 56k V.90 modem as well, and the absolute fastest I have ever see it connect at is 52.0 bps. About 90% of the time though, its at 49.3 bps.

    I'm thinking it just might be my house though, as my brother's new mac w/56k cant connect faster than 48.8, and he's using earthlink.

    By yngwie98 June 21, 2001, 06:16 AM

    I almost always connected at 115200bps even with a cheap POS WinModem when I had dialup, although a rarely got better than 4Kbps.
    Try adding AT&F S11=50 under the advanced settings of your modem. BTW the S11=50 will speed up your dialup. Also make sure your modems max speed is set to 115200 or 57600.

    By blt June 21, 2001, 07:53 AM

    Most likely it's your phone lines(inside or outside) or your modem is misconfigured.

    This link may help solve problem: http://www.56k.com/trouble/

    I have a 33.6K Sportster and a 56K ModemBlaster. They both connect at 28.8K due to the outside phone lines. Too many A-D(analog-to-digital) & D-A conversions between my house and ISP server.

    By Spineshank June 21, 2001, 08:49 AM

    Yea its probally the phone lines around where i live i connect at 45.3 most of the time and all my friends cant connect faster then 28.8 cause of the phone lines.

    By Kaiyan1 June 21, 2001, 08:57 AM

    Do you live in the UK? Well, im not sure how it goes overseas, but someone at work (he is good trust me) tells me that if someone from your home or maybe your neighbour orders a second phone line, in this case with BT, then BT can either, give them a WHOLE NEW connection line, or do something called DACing, its really splitting your phone line into 2, and this kills the V.90 part, which means that YOU cant connect at more than 28.8kbps. and its seems likely thats what happened to you. they shouldnt be doing this really, but its like a cheap and quick method! So Id give your phone company a call to see whats happened and ask if it has been DACed. pronounced DACKED. but I may be wrong, but if it helps then cool, and if anyone can be more specific or sees an error in my thery then.....F*ck off! LOL..no...just kididng.

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