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  • We're back this week with another informative and fun edition of the weekly Forums Spotlight! This week in the Forums Spotlight we've highlighted discussions on Cable Modems, the price of PDAs, Overclocking, Speaker wattage, and more!

    The Forums Spotlight is a highlight of just a few of the new topics posted in the SharkyForums, where over ten-thousand enthusiastic computer users post daily for help or to discuss the latest trends and products.

    Each week in the Forums Spotlight, we take several of the most popular, insightful, or even controversial threads and present them to you for easy digestion. Feel free to add your own thoughts (subtract the profanity, please) and help us multiply the reader participation here at Sharky Extreme (and you thought math was tough...). We've added links on each spotlight page so you can easily add your own comments and contribute to the debate! If your repartee strikes us as useful, humorous, or otherwise entertaining, it stands the distinct possibility of being featured next week.

    Without further ado...

    Last Week's Sharky Forums Stats
    Registered Users: 17,466

    Current Sharky Forums Stats
    Registered Users: : 17,655

    Technical Support Q/A: My Cable Modem Wont Connect
    Just For Laughs - "Hamburgalar" came up with $250 so he headed out to Best Buy and purchased a new cable modem. He thought it would be as simple as 'plug it in and go', but as many of our forum readers point out, there is certainly a lot more to getting a cable modem up and running! Of course, in the end this thread does seem to get silly and no one can decide if this user is legit with his questions, but regardless there is some good advice for those who really have no clue about what to do after you buy a cable modem (Hint: make sure you can get cable internet in your home before buying).

    Gadgets and Gizmos: Why Do They Charge So Much For PDAs
    One forum reader has a very good question indeed; Why are handhelds so darn expensive? In this forum our readers discuss the nature of people who simply must own gadgets despite the price, while others seem to feel that the computing power of PDAs are worth the price. Drop by the forums and let us know what you think about the current prices of PDAs.

    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: So What Exactly Is Overclocking?
    Ah, the perfect discussion to introduce people to the wonderful world of overclocking. While many people have heard the word and people discussing overclocked rigs, many who are not into it, really don't understand. If you're interested in knowing what overclocking is all about, definitely check out this forum thread!

    Motherboards: Abit KG7-RAID is WEEEAAAAK!?
    As he was just about to order a new KG7-R, "bigbludude" realized it would not support a 1.4GHz processor. For a board designed to support future chips thought, shouldn't it support it? Find out more about what you need to do to achieve a higher level of support with the Abit KG7 in this forum.

    Audio/Sound: Speaker Wattages - It Matters?
    Before purchasing a new set of 4.1 speakers, one forum reader pops in which a few questions pertaining to wattage and how much it matters when dealing with computer speakers.

    Upcoming Games: Most IMPORTANT Games Ever
    "The best games Ever" has been discussed several times in our forums, and lately the discussion is revolving around what games people see as being the most important - the ones that created a niche market, that ones that started the whole gaming scene, and the ones that marked a great milestone in gaming history. Tune in to this forum to chat about the games that have made a difference.

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