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  • SharkyForums.Com - Print: Why is Linux better than Windows?

    Why is Linux better than Windows?
    By pbirkett October 08, 2001, 05:57 PM

    I feel like starting an argument here, cos I have no doubt that is what will result from this post. Time and time again, I hear the rantings of zealots who keep claiming Linux is so much better than Windows. Now, I have only played around with Linux a couple of times and here are my observations:-

    1. Linux is slower on the same hardware as Windows. I compared using Windows 2000 on the same machine, and the responsiveness and speeds were worlds apart.
    2. Playing games that were included in a distrobution twice caused the whole system to lock up in Redhat. This to me does not indicate stability on Linux's part.
    3. Windows has a far superior range of applications, whether or not they are free. Yes, you may have Staroffice and Gimp, but Windows has MS Office and Adobe Photoshop. OK, they may not be free, but you almost certainly get what you pay for - much better products. Don't even get me started about games.
    4. On the face of it the Linux "Window managers" are pretty, but I have found them to be cumbersome to use. Once I tired of the pretty face, I would probably just get sick. Anyway, with a little effort, Windows can look quite nice too, but then I would pose the question who actually wants to sit there and stare at the icons anyway?
    5. I know a couple of Linux zealots, and they both have Windows on their systems also. Now if Linux was so damn good, why do they still need Windows on their systems? Probably because its not all its cracked up to be. In fact one bloke, spends so much time preaching how great it is, and 10 minutes later telling you how pissed off he is because it f***ed up again, and how he had to reinstall it.

    I absolutley guarantee that if I was to set about the same task as a colleague, me using Windows and him using his beloved Mandrake, I would run rings around him, he would still be struggling on long after I had disappeared to the pub to get pissed.

    All of these people have one thing in common, that is, a universal dislike of Microsoft. Grow up. They are a company, a business, and it is their job to be succesful, and yet as a race, us humans are almost always jealous of anything or anyone succesful and that is certainly the case here. If Linux (or MacOS for that matter) includes certain new features, then they are innovative. If Microsoft try and do the same, they are either copying, or being anti-competitive. The very fact that Microsoft is succesful is because they are masters of innovation, capitalising on areas that others have missed out on - that is making top quality software that is easy to use. That is why they are where they are.

    I can see the comments now - I will either be labelled a Microsoft zealot or people will say I work for them. Well I dont, and I am not a zealot. I couldnt care less what I use, as long as it gets the job done. I dont want to be faffing around struggling with something just because some zealot with too much time on their hands says I should. I feel it is the epitome of arrogance from such people that they should choose somet