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    Now That DirectX 8 Is Here…
    What kind of performance changes do you expect to see now that DirectX 8 is on the scene? Remember, video card manufacturers need to start releasing DirectX 8 optimized drivers; we also need application support. Once these prerequisites are in place, which manufacturer will hold the gold?

    Retail Versus OEM Processors
    The myth has always been that retail processors are higher grade than their OEM counterparts. Is their truth behind this myth? Is it worth it to pay extra for a retail processor that includes a heatsink and warranty?

    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Any Good
    I recently reviewed Turtle Beach's latest sound card offering and found it to be quite promising. The only hesitation I'd have in recommending it is pre-mature drivers, which should be fixed shortly. Have you had any experiences with the Santa Cruz? How did it work for you?

    MP3 Player
    This thread is mine, and I started it to spark interest in a build-your-own car MP3 player idea I had. Please feel free to add any ideas of your own, and if I ever finish the project, you can be sure there will be a report on it.

    Itanium - Any Comments?
    Arcadian has been named "Starter of Technical Threads" in the Highly Technical PC Forum. This one concerns Intel's upcoming Itanium processor, designed around the IA-64 architecture. It looks to have a massive transistor count, and will likely consume large quantities of power. Post your opinions!

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