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  • Let's face it: we've all wasted countless hours of our precious lives on hold with Tech Support. Some of us may have even paid that $95 dollar per-incident fee Microsoft charges to holler for help. Well, you can kiss those nights of elevator ballad-induced insanity goodbye, because there's a swingin' new community on the Net where the coolest cats on the hardware circuit spend their time. We're talking about www.SharkyForums.com.

    It is a place where you can feel free to browse around, but more importantly, make your voice heard! If you have a beef with any of our Sharky Extreme reviews or editorials, let us know - after all, we're here to serve you better. If your discussion sparks off entertaining banter or is incredibly insightful, it may be selected for this new weekly feature, Forums Spotlight.

    Forums Spotlight, is a highlight of the most interesting and debated topics in the world of SharkyForums. We realize that not everyone has the time to surf through forums to find topics related to their own personal interests, so we've done the surfing for you, and herein provide an overview of what topics have people talking this week.

    If what you see in our Forums Spotlight interests you, we've added links on each spotlight discussion page so you can easily add your own comments and jump in on the debate!

    Gadgets & Gizmos: Looking For A New MP3 Player
    Highly Technical PC Forum: The Future Of CPUs
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: My New System!
    Video Cards: 22.50 NVIDIA Drivers
    Networks & Networking: 2 IPs 1 Router 3 Computers
    General Games: The Sims, What's The Point?

    General Hardware: Crucial, Just When I Thought They Couldn't Go Any Lower...>
    Operating Systems: Running Stable NT Server - Consultant Want UNIX - Why?
    Motherboards: A7M266 Not Going To Windows
    Upcoming Games: Flight Simulator 2002 On Friday
    Audio / Sound: Audigy OEM

    Cases and Cooling: Fan Air Flow Physics In Case
    General Games Forum: EXCESSIVE Cheating On Counter-Strike
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Memories of Memory. How Much, When?
    General Hardware: Drives On Separate IDE Channels
    Networks & Networking: Networking My Entire Neighbourhood

    General Hardware: Sony GPD G-400 Monitor
    Operating Systems: Why is Linux better than Windows?
    Gadgets And Gizmos: Which Nokia cellphone ?
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Questions on The Athlon XP
    Video Cards: Elsa Gladiac GF3 Or Radeon 8500
    Upcoming Games: DOOM 3 - What's The Deal?

    Technical Support Q/A: My Cable Modem Wont Connect
    Gadgets and Gizmos: Why Do They Charge So Much For PDAs
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: So What Exactly Is Overclocking?
    Motherboards: Abit KG7-RAID is WEEEAAAAK!?
    Audio/Sound: Speaker Wattages - It Matters?
    Upcoming Games: Most IMPORTANT Games Ever

    Gadgets and Gizmos: MP3's Are Dead
    Audio/Sound: Klipsch 5.1
    Programming, Coding, and Scripting: Asp Forum...
    Highly Technical PC Forum: The P4 Northwood
    Motherboards: Asus P4 Mobos + More
    General Games: Co-op Games

    Gadgets & Gizmos: GBA TV Tuner
    General Software, Applications, and Drivers: Detonator XP Finally Released
    Highly Technical PC Forum: GPU vs. CPU - Architectural Differences
    Motherboards: I'm Losing My Patience! (nFORCE)
    General Games: Which Game Character Do You Like The Most?
    Networks & Networking: 10/100mbps @ 2mbps max

    Operating Systems: Windows XP Corporate Edition
    Highly Technical PC Forum: 64bit Processors & The Desktop Computer.
    Motherboards: What Is Your Epox 8K7A MAX Overclock?
    Audio / Sound: New SoundBlaster RELEASED!
    Networks & Networking: 10/100? Help
    General Games Forum: Will You Be Getting The X-Box, GameCube, or PS2?

    Technical Support Q&A: Screensavers, How Necessary Are They??
    General Hardware: First Cmputer Twang...
    Operating Systems: Fed Up With Win2k!!!!
    Programming, Coding, and Scripting: How Did You Learn to Program?
    Cases and Cooling: Them Rounded Cables
    Video Cards: Is it me, or are ATI AND nVidia copying off each other...

    Gadgets & Gizmos: Good, Cheap PDA
    Technical Support Q&A: P III 800 Won't Work
    Video Cards: GeForce 2 Pro Price Drop
    Motherboards: Ulitimate Game Machine
    General Software, Applications, and Drivers: Basic-Standard Apps That Everyone Should Have
    General Hardware: A Mouse For Gaming

    Highly Technical PC Forum: Is it physically possible to create a quiet, high-speed fan?
    Gadgets and Gizmos: Graphing Calculators
    Cases & Cooling: Some questions about case fans and cutting holes in case...
    Motherboards: DDR motherboards - are they really worth it?
    General Hardware: IBM GXP hds failure! HELP?

    Cases and Cooling: Whats The BEST CPU Cooler?
    Technical Support Q&A: SBLive! With OLDER Games
    Technical Support Q&A: Processor and 3D Card Upgrade
    Motherboards: nForce?
    Networks & Networking: Cable Modem Activity Light Costantly Going Off!

    General Hardware: What is my bottleneck?
    General Hardware: DDR Ram Price
    Operating Systems: Web Site Blocking
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Memory Bandwidth And Today's Graphics Cards
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: AMD vs. Intel
    General Games: Max Payne with Multiplayer

    Technical Support Q&A: My Cable Downloads At 8k
    Operating Systems: Does Linux Support DVD Drives?
    Gadgets and Gizmos: Best Digital Camera?
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Why Is Heat Bad?
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: Which Processor Should I Buy...
    Video Cards: Interview with ATI - Dave Orton's Reply
    Upcoming Games: Your Most Anticipated MMORPGs

    General Hardware: Do Computers Get Slower the Longer You Have Them?
    Technical Support: Which CD RW Should I Pick Up?
    General Software, Applications & Drivers: Why MS Word Rocks
    Highly technical PC Forum: Any Info About Intel`s new Chipset??
    General Games Forum: The Original Wolfenstien?
    Highly technical PC Forum: 870 Chipset

    Operating Systems:win98/win2k dual boot install problems
    Motherboards: Okay which Athlon DDR chipset/motherboard?
    Networks & Networking: Win2k Server Internet Sharing
    Upcoming Games: Max payne in July
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: Anandtech Review of Pentium 4 1.8GHz

    Technical Support Q/A: sportster 56k modem never above 28.8
    General Hardware: The BEST Ram?
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Presentation of Intel and 20nm transistor
    Highly Technical PC Forum: Mckinley
    General Games Forum: Best CS Map

    Technical Support Q&A: Boot Partition
    General Hardware: Graphics cards & Notebooks
    Highly Technical PC Forum: DMZ
    Highly Technical PC Forum: RDRAM Versions?
    General Games Forum: What game are you currently really into?
    Off Topic: "All your base belonging to us"?

    General Hardware: How the heck do I afford a new computer!?
    General Hardware: DVD drive recomendations
    Operating Systems: WinME to 2000- worth 200 bucks?
    Motherboards: Best new DDR board? There's so many!!!!!
    Video Cards: What's the best tweak utility for Nvidia cards running Det. Drivers?
    General Games: Why does the PS2 cost so much?

    General Software, Applications and Drivers: Help!! Can't read CD anymore
    General Software, Applications and Drivers: Best drivers for Nvidia GeForce's?
    General Hardware: Which 19" monitor to get that's less than $325?
    General Hardware: Corsair better then Micron?
    General Software, Applications, and Drivers: Internet Explorer 6
    Audio/Sound: Creative, Klipsch or Midland? Please help!
    Life would be great if... there was some random thread that didn't really have a point.

    Video Cards: Help With Choosing a Good PCI Video Card
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: Palomino or Northwood?
    Networks and Networking: Having a LAN Party
    General Games: Favorite Old School Games
    General Software, Applications and Drivers: How to get CDRwin working with Win2000 Pro?
    General Software, Applications and Drivers: Freeware FTP programs
    Life Would Be Great If...: Bad Eyesight
    Life Would Be Great If...: Dialup woes

    Highly Technical PC Forum: What is DDR exactly?
    Highly Technical PC Forum: ADSL vs. CABLE MODEM
    General Games: LucasArts Very Disappointing
    Programming, Coding, and Scripting: Oh God
    Off Topic: The stories behind the names...
    Article / Site Feedback: When Did Gameplay Become an Afterthought in Gaming?
    CPU Processors / Overclocking: What is a good QUIET heatsink/fan for a Thunderbird?

    Audio: SB Live Platinum - Corrosion?!
    Technical Support Q/A: My computer hangs on restart
    Technical Support Q/A: SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP!!!!! Can't get past settings!
    Operating Systems: Whats your favorite distro of Linux??
    Operating Systems: Will WindowsXP be the true and better reliable stable operating system for a while?
    CPU/Processors & Overclocking: Exahertz??
    Networks & Networking: Is it safe to run File Sharing along with internet sharing?

    Black PC Parts! And..... CDROMS!
    Itanium Performance Item
    How long does it take your comp to do this?
    Installing New Mobo
    Radeon or G-Force 2 MX
    MP3 Quality

    The $500 Computer
    Wait For GeForce3?
    The Biggest Hard Drive
    Best 10/100 PCI NIC Money Can Buy!
    Networking Two Win98 Computers
    KA266 ROX!

    Can I skip the 'pencil trick' and just FSB-OC?
    Is the P4 worth it now?
    AMD's SOI process...
    ATI's new chip to beat the GeForce3?
    Poll: What's your sound setup?
    DVD a big improvement?
    Those who have yet to partake in DVD video are truly missing out! If you are one of the unfortunate few, read this thread, run to a friends house with your favorite DVD, and enjoy clearer video and the wonders of Dolby Digital sound!

    P4 Article
    What Would You Think About Putting
    Overclocker Psych Survey>
    Which Video Card: A, B, or C?
    Mac To PC?
    Why Women Love Men

    AMD Industry Interview
    Intel To Cut Prices By 40%
    Shots Of Quake III Running On Rampage
    Fighting PC Noise
    Star Trek Ships

    NVIDIA Industry Interview
    Early Itanium Info
    P4 Article
    Successful Overclocks
    AMD As An Investment
    Newsted Leaves Metallica

    What Would You Think About Putting RDRAM On A Video Card
    Is 128MB Enough For Windows 2000?
    The Kings Of Fans
    ATI Vs. NVIDIA In 2001
    Solid State Hard Drive Idea

    Why Are 566MHz Celerons Better For Overclocking?
    Celery Finally On 100MHz FSB! Transmeta Will Help AMD Make Code-Morphing Chips?
    PS2 Is 1000x Faster Than A PC? Car Gadgets
    Words Relay II

    Difference In ATX and WTX?
    Peltier Coolers
    Will Intel Ever Get It Right?
    ASUS Is The Stability King?
    Saddam Hussein Wants Your PS2!
    Transistors Are Getting Kinda Old

    Who's Buying What Processor For Christmas?
    SMT Technology In The Pentium 4 Xeon?
    RIP 3dfx, You Will Be Dearly Missed
    Words Relay
    Sharks, Who's The Baddest

    NVIDIA Buys 3dfx
    Is AGP 8X A Sham?
    i810 or i815?
    DDR Worth It?
    Entropy Systems
    On The Lighter Side

    Moore's Law
    Which Hard Drives Handle High PCI Speeds Best?
    What Is HSR
    5.1 Sound Worth It?
    Loyal To Sharky?
    Best Wishes To Galen Of Edgewood In His Marriage

    The Future Of The Mobile Market
    HSR In Recent Voodoo5 BETA Driver?
    ADSL - DSL - SDSL - Cable
    3dfx's "Phantom" Details Leaked?
    Question About Schooling And Your Job

    Netscape 6 Is Here
    Pentium 4 Discussion - Round 2
    Will SE Be Reviewing The All In Wonder In A Home-Theater Environment?
    New Indexes Added
    Sharky's Value Video Card Round Up & Diamond Viper II
    Dogs Or Cats

    Now That DirectX 8 Is Here
    Retail Versus OEM Processors
    Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Any Good
    MP3 Player
    Itanium - Any Comments?

    A Case For Windows 2000
    Pentium 4 Pros And Cons
    Rampage To Get 64-Bit Rendering? Would You Pay $4.95 A Month For Napster
    Pentium III Versus AMD
    How Do I Copy My Outlook Express 5.5 Messages?

    Rambus Technology
    MP3 Software
    Question On The 760
    RADEON DDR Or GeForce2 MX?
    Coke or Pepsi?

    Rambus: A Mistake?
    Is Windows ME All That Good?
    Pencil O/C Thunderbird?
    Fastest Video Card On Earth
    Ethics: Where Do You Draw The Line
    Not As Popular As Ymaster!

    High-End Video Card Shootout
    What Linux Is Best For A Newbie
    Test Your Band
    Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop
    The Biggest Bottleneck
    What Was Your First Computer?

    DX8 Radeon Vs. NVIDIA
    Santa Cruz or Sound Blaster Live!?
    NIC Advice
    G4 or P4?
    Optical Mice
    I Like Cheese!

    Why Do Gamers Use Windows 2000?
    Who Is To Blame For Videocard Prices?
    My $5000 Computer (Brag About Your System)
    X-Box Special: NVIDIA Thinks Outside The Box
    Playstation 2 Is The Best (Let Your Voice Be Heard!)
    What's Your Favorite First Person Shooter?

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