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  • We should also mention that it is pretty. Highly paid supermodel pretty. The final game will show off the now obligatory lens flares, beautiful surfaces bump mapped using a software technique, clumps of convincing grass and all manner of impressive explosions from the grenade to the nuke.

    Sierra's most anticipated title amongst the multiplayer community is undoubtedly Tribes 2. For this sequel, Dynamix has implemented a new engine, weather effects, four figure polygon counts on the characters and new weapons in addition to those from the original arsenal. The graphic improvements are all very noticeable and in general the title looks set to deliver on its promise of being a worthy sequel to the original with the same gameplay plus better graphics and vehicles.

    Well, we said we'd throw in a section devoted to a developer rather than a publisher if they deserved it and any one that thinks Bungie isn't one such developer should receive a frontal lobotomy pronto. Halo is stunning. You know this, we know this, but after seeing the new video at E3 we're now even more excited about Halo's eye candy smorgasbord. The long video that was shown to press showcased the troop transport pictured here moving which was cool to see indeed. The thrusters moved according to the direction the craft was flying in and its large shadow was projected realistically on the ground. More of the smooth inverse kinematics character animation was in evidence, and the now almost standard moving mouths were shown on models for the first time during a dialogue scene between soldiers. The battle that ensued a few minutes into the demonstration was nothing short of utterly gorgeous, and once more the very realistic physics system was on show. After the video one developer even demonstrated a jeep taking such a sharp turn on the way down a hill that it rolled over convincingly. We only hope that this same video we were lucky enough to witness will be released for the general public to gape at and drool over.

    With Halo getting more coverage recently than your average White House scandal it's easy to forget about Oni, Bungie's other announced title. The game was being shown on both PC and Play Station 2, both of which look just as good as each other. Konoko, the main character, has a number of smart-looking combat moves that she can break out if the ammo runs low. Thankfully they're easy to pull off with only two mouse buttons so there is no remembering 16 key combos to pull off a weak flying kick. The purple haired heroine doesn't always have to rely on her martial prowess though thanks to the weapons scattered around the game. All of the weapon effects we saw looked great and the levels were equally sweet. Bungie are known for consistently producing good titles so when it is eventually released, Oni should keep us happy until Halo shows.

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