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  • So you saw our 'hands on' preview of Unreal Tournament earlier on last month. Now it's time to get some first hand action for yourselves as EPIC has decided to release a playable demo. This is the third demo version released and don't worry- if you have 338, you can simply grab the 9MB patch. That way you'll be all patched up and ready to go with v348.

    Mirrors will be added constantly.

    Mirrors will be added constantly.

    For a full list of changes just take a peek at this page here.

    Unreal Tournament for non-3dfx cards has been released! Now people without 3dfx cards can get jiggy with UT. If you have the Glide only version, you can get a patch to update it to the current version here. Otherwise, download the full version below.

    Minimum system requirement:
    233 MHz Pentium MMX or AMD K6 class computer.
    32 megabytes of RAM.
    4 megabyte video card.

    Typical system:
    300 MHz Pentium II or AMD K6-3.
    64 megabytes of RAM.
    3dfx Voodoo 2 class 3d accelerator.
    Awesome system:
    Pentium III 500 or AMD Athlon 550 or faster PC.
    128 megabytes of RAM. 3dfx Voodoo3 class 3D accelerator.

    Unreal Tournament is an action game with very human-like opponents that challenge you in a variety of different contests. It is a first-person shooter with four major game types in individual or team modes, including deathmatch, capture the flag, assault and domination. Assault is a new mode, and is an objective-based team game, where one team plays defense and one team plays offense. For however long the defending team can keep the attacking team from meeting their objective, they get the same amount of time on offense. If they can achieve the goals faster than the team they defended against, then they win. With domination, the idea is to control points on the map called domination points and each time you run over a point it turns to the color of your team. Based on the time you control the point, you score game points. it all makes for some rather fast and furious games. Unreal Tournament features 50 levels, 12 weapons, and several mutators which are variations on game types, plus some smaller game types including last man standing.

    Mirrors will be added constantly.

    Developed By: Epic Megagames
    3D Card Support: Yes
    Multiplayer Support: Yes
    Web Site: http://www.unrealtournament.com
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