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Sharky Extreme : September 16, 2010

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Does anyone remember Planet of the Apes? Yes? Then you might be interested in a little info on an upcoming game from Fox Interactive.

Visiware Studios is working on the Action/Adventure type game, creatively titled "Planet of the Apes", that plays as most other titles in said genre in 3rd person (think Tomb Raider). In the game you take on the role of Ulysses, sole human survivor from a spaceship that crashed on an uncharted planet some one thousand years into the future. As in the movies, the evolution has progressed somewhat differently from our mother earth so that apes rule and humans are slaves.

The game spans 15 HUGE levels with more than 70 sub-levels. Gameplay elements include puzzle solving, fighting off various unfriendly beasts like mutated rats, gigantic bats and so forth as well as some Thief inspired sneaking around - And the whole thing is backed up by a strong storyline as well. The game engine, which is 3D accelerated, features all the standard goodies and as you can see by the shots below it does look pretty hot. The animation is said to be something extra as well, the game's characters are all motion captured with over 1000 frames of animation. Impressive.

Developed By: Visiware Studios
Published By: Fox Interactive
3D Card Support: Yes
Multiplayer Support: Unknown
Web Site: N/A
E.T.A: Spring 2000

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