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Sharky Extreme : September 17, 2009

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Heraclitus, a novice monk of the Ashen Order, walks through the West Freeport gate with his head held high. He has just been assigned his first mission. Unperturbed by a naggingly familiar pungent odor, he pulls out a piece of paper. With immense pride, he unfolds his orders and begins to read the words of the wise Velan Torresk:

"Heraclitus, Please kill twenty rats and bring back their whiskers as proof. Then kill forty snakes and brink back their fangs as proof. After that, we might just let you tackle some bats. Then you clean the outhouse.

Yours truly, Velan Torresk, Master of the Ashen Order

P.S. Don't forget to wipe your shoes before entering the dojo!"

Heraclitus' heart sinks as he realizes the smell is rat dung. With his pride shattered, he begins his extermination duties.

EverQuest is Sony and 989 Studios' new online fantasy role-playing game (RPG) experience. With 3D graphics and huge worlds, does EverQuest have what it takes? Is it a hack and slash extravaganza? Or is it just a poor copy of Ultima Online? Read on and find out!

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