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Sharky Extreme : February 29, 2008

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"What's a matter, Horny?"

A large demon looks down at the questioning succubus and the frown on his face deepens.

"I'm losing my motivation. It's getting harder and harder to get up and go to work every night. Maim, kill, maim, kill, eat the dead. But what is it all for?"

She looks at him with loving eyes, reaches up to his head, and scratches behind the two large horns that earned him his namesake.

"Oh Horny, it's ok. You're just having a mid-life crisis. Just think, once you get the Dark Lord out of his tomb, you'll be able to retire for eternity. And don't forget we've got to put the children through torture school! Just set your sights on that houseboat on the Styx and everything will be worth it."

Horny ponders his dream and smiles. "Sure, I can go on for a few thousand more years. It's all for the goal. He raises his glass of fermented dwarf blood in a toast.

"To the houseboat, money, and Horny's little devils!"

Bullfrog's Dungeon Keeper II is a real-time strategy (RTS) game where you play an evil hate-filled Dungeon Keeper imprisoned underneath the earth by the rose-smelling vermin called the good. You use your magic and gold to build your dungeon that attracts violent minions. You use your minions to conquer disgustingly good and happy lords who hold magical gems you need to free yourself. Once free, you'll be able to wipe the smiles off those surface dwelling fair and beautiful upstanding citizens forever!

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