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Sharky Extreme : November 24, 2005

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Time for our first 'Bargain Bin' review, and to be frank it's one fine game we're reviewing as well. Conflict: Freespace was released last year and has already made its way into stores on one of the many low price labels which means you can pick it up for around $15.

Conflict: Freespace, or rather Freespace as we'll refer to from now on, is a space combat simulator along the lines of Wing Commander and does compete pretty well with said series. The latest being Wing Commander: Secret Ops, which is currently available for download off of Origin's site free of charge at some 120Mb (so it's not really 'free' if you have to pay for local calls).

The story in Freespace offers nothing really special in terms of originality. Entering the game you'll be (the Terrans) entrenched in a lengthy war with an alien race, the Vasudans (no surprises there then). Suddenly a new threat arises on the horizon... Enter a third race, the Shivans, a brutal species to say the least and you've got a concussion of races that get on as well as all the races of the former Yugoslavia. Their purpose is unknown and their technology is by far superior to anything in the Human or Vasudan arsenal. Basically they're not to be messed with…

The Shivans start to brutally engage both Vasudan and Terran forces throughout the many systems leaving nothing by ruins in their wake, they don't even bother to mine valuable resources or control planets, they just wipe out anything that lives and moves on further towards your homeworld. Luckily (or unluckily in terms of the story), you guessed it, the former enemies team up in an intergalactic alliance in hope that together they'll be able to conquer this new threat...

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