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Sharky Extreme : August 13, 2009

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In 1993 the face of the PC game industry was forever changed. Led by two virtually unknown programmers, a small Texas-based company by the name of Ideas from the Deep released a game called Doom. Today, that company is known to the world simply as id, and the ideas they created opened up an entirely new, and arguably the most popular, PC game genre.

Built on the success of the 1991 cult classic Wolfenstein 3D, Doom took the world by storm. Never before had anything of that magnitude been seen before. Doom allowed players full control of their character in a complete 360 degree environment. The game had it all: The enemies were monstrous, level design was brilliant and the weapons were devilishly enjoyable.

Today, gamers take all the features that Doom created for granted. We demand the next level of gameplay, graphics, sound, level design, and storyline. Developers have the unenviable task of constantly pushing the envelope, of constantly innovating in order to stay on top of the competition that has flooded the market. To their credit, they have been steadily providing the starved throngs with classics such as Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, Quake II and Unreal.

The 1998 Christmas season finds several developers vying to deliver the first person shooter that will break all the next levels and deliver new aspects of gameplay, and indeed, the list is a long one. Half-Life, Klingon Honor Guard, Blood 2, Shogo: MAD, Trespasser, Delta Force… they're all clamoring for gamers' attention and checkbooks. One such game is SiN, developed by Dallas-based Ritual Entertainment. Ritual seeks to deliver the "most innovative game around". Does SiN live up to these high expectations? Let's take a look.

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