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Sharky Extreme : August 29, 2008

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In the year 2027 the megalopolis of Freeport was completely overrun by criminals. Crime and gang wars tore the city apart and left the police in tatters. Like the adage said, desperate times call for desperate measures. In order to ease the load off of the police, the government of Freeport passed a bill which allowed private corporations to form their own security forces, or sec-forces. Charlton Heston would have been proud.

Ten years later, one sec-force had demonstrated its commitment to the safety of Freeport by strict and often unorthodox means of crime control, prevention and retaliation. This sec-force is called HARDCORPS, and is run by one Colonel John Blade, a son of a once respected Freeport police officer.

John has had his fair share of tough times. As a child, he witnessed the shooting death of his father at the hands of a group of friends. Had it not been for the enduring patience and love of his uncle, John would have surely fallen victim to a life of crime as well. Instead, John persevered. After piecing his life back together, he dedicated it to fighting crime in order to ensure that the incident that took his father's life would never be repeated, and thus HARDCORPS was born.

The game finds John heading towards a bank robbery in progress. Blade soon finds out however that this is no ordinary bank heist. Well-armed soldiers have overrun the entire building. They are equipped with high tech weapons, including rocket launchers and helicopters. Nevertheless Blade manages to cut through the opposition like a scythe cuts through wheat and ends up giving chase to Mancini, the robbery's organizer and John's arch-nemesis. Soon the battle between Blade and the soldiers breaks out onto the streets and into the subway. Mancini is nowhere to be found. In his stead is a snarling werewolf like beast. Again, Blade cuts him down without batting an eye.

Curious, John sends the body of the beast to the HARDCORPS labs where it's uncovered that the body was indeed Mancini's. He had been infected by a designer drug with trace amounts of U4, a deadly and extremely addictive chemical which rapidly transforms the structure of DNA strings. Only one company in Freeport has the capabilities to produce U4: SinTek. Blade soon realizes that SinTek is much more than a chemical corporation, and he'll have to use all his skills, muscles and good looks in order to get to the bottom of the U4 mystery and battle the SinTek sec-force.

It's an unwritten rule that all first person shooters must have a pistol, shotgun, machine gun and a rocket launcher as standard weapons and 3 or 4 exotics that test the game designers' imagination and 3D modeling skills, and SiN is no exception. Yet, while the weapons might seem standard fare, each one has an aspect that differentiate them from the glut that we're accustomed to seeing. Let's take an in-depth look at each weapon in the game.

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