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Sharky Extreme : Hardware Guides February 4, 2012
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Athlon XP Overclocking Guide

By Ryan "Speedy" Wissman :  April 15, 2002

3DMark2001 SE Dragothic and 3DMark2001 SE Car Chase

We ran these tests at low detail to really highlight the performance increase that goes hand in hand with higher CPU clock speeds. These results also mimic the overall scores, but the Dragothic chart has some very interesting results. Check out how the higher FSB and memory speed used at the 1.45 GHz setting almost equals the performance of the standard 1.53 GHz overclock.

Final Comments

Now that you have successfully overclocked your Athlon XP processor it's a good idea to follow our advice and test the stability of your highest overclock. Running sustained loops of 3DMark 2001, Prime 95 or SiSoft Sandra are great tools of the trade, and all can be downloaded from the Internet.

Also, readers looking for a more basic explanation of some of the overclocking terms and procedures used in this article should head on over to our CPU Overclocking Basics Guide.

Page 1


Page 2

An Athlon XP Primer

Page 3

Two Methods of Athlon XP Overclocking

Page 4

AGP/PCI Speeds and CPU Core Voltage

Page 5

Diagnostic Programs and Overclocking Results

Page 6

Athlon XP Multiplier Unlocking

Page 7

CPU Unlocking, Step-by-Step

Page 8

Testing the CPU Unlock

Page 9

Overclocking Results and 3DMark200 SE Performance

  • Page 10

    Detailed 3DMark2001 SE Scores and Final Comments