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  • Man's quest for power is instinctive and very few instances in history have quenched this burning lust. Undoubtedly, screaming at Mach 3.2 in an SR-71, 80,000 feet off the ground would please those aeronautically inclined folks (or anyone who swoons at the thought of twin Pratt and Whitney J-38 axial-flow turbojets with afterburners), but what does it take to appease the gaming fanatic? How might a hardware manufacturer satisfy the delicate palettes of those that already own top of the line components?

    Why, it's elementary my dear Watson. If you ask the folks at ATI, simply combine performance yet unseen and a brand new feature set with proper developer support. This combination of brains and brawn could possibly garner enough momentum to power the newest games and inspire the next generation of hardware. Setting this target firmly in their sights, ATI has announced the Radeon 256, their most aggressive assault on the gaming community to date.

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