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  • Gigabyte Technologies is a massive player in the motherboard market. They shipped about 7,000,000 units in 1999. They project that they will ship 10,000,000 in the year 2000. Though you may not know it, Gigabyte is actually one of the three largest manufacturers of motherboards, with FIC and ASUS as peers. Gigabyte ships mostly to system builders, including the likes of Compaq, NEC CI, Fujitsu, Legend and more.

    But why are they so popular? Because Gigabyte manages to deliver a consistently high level of quality and features at a price point often noticeably lower than the competition. You can find less expensive boards with similar features, but they tend to be cheaply made and less stable. You can find more features in a board, but they're usually more expensive as well. Gigabyte's boards are not the most tweakable, which hurts them in the eyes of consumers looking to overclock, but for system OEMs that want an inexpensive part that suits their needs and on which they can rely, Gigabyte consistently fills the bill.

    We recently visited Gigabyte in their Taipei offices. We sat down with company representatives and discussed their future motherboard plans as well as their future video card plans. They had outgrown their old office since our last visit and had added an additional office a block away. Starting May 13th, they will be moving to an entirely new 13 story, 110,000 square foot building all their own.

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