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Sharky Extreme : October 21, 2006

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CPUs & Chipsets
AMD K8 vs Intel Itanium : Different Architectures, Same Market
PowerMac G4 Preview At Seybold Expo
Mac Upgrades: MAXpowr G3 466 vs MACh Carrier 450
Worlds Fastest Gaming PC Featuring the Athlon 650
Feature: Intel Pentium III 600 vs AMD Athlon 600
Intel Mobile CPU Roadmap
Intel CPU, Chipset & Graphics Roadmap
Intel 810 Mainboard Core Logic AGPset Preview
Celeron CPU Cooler Shootout
1999 Intel Mobile CPU Roadmap
1999 Intel CPU Roadmap
1999 AMD Roadmap
Revised Celeron Overclocking Guide

Video Cards
Matrox G400 In-Depth
TNT In-Depth
NVIDIA GeForce 256 Steps Out in Style
ATI Rage Fury MAXX Hands On Preview
ATI Project Aurora Uncovered
First Look: ATI Rage Pro
Scott Sellers (3dfx) Interview
3dfx FXT1 Texture Compression Explored
Scott Sellers Talks T-Buffer
3dfx Next-Generation Technology Explored
Voodoo3 2000 Mac Preview
Bitboys Oy Glaze 3D Interview
Diamond/S3 Viper II/Savage 2000 Quick Take
Diamond Viper2 / Savage 2000 Preview
S3's Savage 2000 & 2000+ Unveiled
S3 Savage 4 Xtreme Hands On Preview
6-Way 3D Video Accelerator Shoot-Out
S3 Savage/MX Mobile Preview
PowerVR Neon 250 In-House Preview
Number 9 Savage 4 Preview
Update: Metabyte's "SLI" PGP Technology Nearing Debut
3dfx Voodoo 3 Overclocking Guide Updated
More Light, Less Mud
Creative Shines a Light on that Mud
NVIDIA Roadmap: TNT3 Already?
Clockspeeds: Clear as Mud
Voodoo3 Overclocking Guide & 3500 Info
GDC Wrap Up: Video Cards
Permedia 3 Preview
nVidia RIVA TNT2 Ultra Preview
On-site visit: Metabyte SLI
Diamond Savage4 Hands-on Preview
The Final Voodoo3 Specs and Product Info
S3 Savage4 Preview
Voodoo 3 Preview: In-Game Shots
3Dfx: More On Voodoo 3 & Next Product Revealed
PowerVR: Back From Oblivion
Canopus Interview
TNT2 Preview : Guillemot Maxi Gamer Xentor 16MB

Show Reports
Comdex 99 Wrap-Up
Private Eye: Part 5, Comdex Special
On Site Visit: Intel Developer Forum 1999
MacWorld 99 Coverage from New York
Computex 99 Show Floor Report

Developers on Future 3D Technology
Diamond Monster Sound MX400 Preview
Apple Cinema Display Preview
Fujitsu vs Quantum UDMA/66 Hard Drive Showdown
DVD: Set Top or DVD-ROM Drive?
Trends - Editorial
Interview with Michael Sporer (Lucky Goldstar)
EMS PC-133+ HSDRAM Review
Best of 98 - Sharky Extreme Hardware Awards


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