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Sharky Extreme : October 8, 2008

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Canopus Corporation recently announced that it had ceased the production of their nVidia TNT powered Spectra 2500, a move that has left many wondering: why? After all the card has been dubbed the "Best 2D/3D Video Card" by many publications and all indications pointed towards healthy sales through both retail and online channels.

Sharky Extreme sat down with Canopus Corporation's V.P. of Sales Jim Anderson to discuss the sudden news of the 2500's demise, forecast Canopus' future and dispell any nasty rumors about the company leaving the graphics industry once and for all.

The Spectra 2500 had no trouble flying off of store shelves and online vendor inventories. Why stop producing a product hailed by many within the industry as the hands down best nVidia TNT based video card?

You have a point. Unfortunately we under forecast this product based on the recent collapse of pricing and demand for Voodoo2 boards we experienced this summer. As a result, we limited our production builds to the original forecast. By the time our backlog began to build, the lead-time to restart manufacturing to build more boards had pushed us to the end of January. This, combined with declining TNT prices, caused us to make the difficult decision to not continue manufacturing this product. We have been trying to supply as many boards as possible to fill current orders.
You were burned with a surplus amount of Pure3D 2's, caused by the price falling out from the bottom of the Voodoo 2 in mid-1998. Was the Spectra 2500's untimely discontinuation a knee jerk reaction to prevent such an event from happening again?

Yes, twice bitten, twice shy. We experienced the same price collapse on Voodoo1 and Voodoo2.

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