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Sharky Extreme : June 14, 2010

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Price: $135 - $165 ESP
Ship Date: Now

The Intel Celeron CPU line has enjoyed its first year on the market with much controversy and gossip. Initially lambasted by the business-set, only to rise Phoenix-like from the ashes (thanks to 128kb of on-die L2 cache) the Celeron name has become synonymous with great expectations and price/performance.

To maximize the price potential of the Celeron CPU line, Intel has decided to manufacture the chip via a Pre-Packaged-Grid-Array format, ala P5XXXMMX style, and offer it on low cost 440LX and eventually 440ZX-66 and 440ZX-100 based mainboards. The LX and ZX chipsets are in the low rent district of Intel's current segmentation program, with the 440BX and 440GX occupying the premium mainstream slots. Although designed to cut costs the older 440LX and the newer 440ZX mainboard core logic sets still utilize mainstream technology like AGP, SDRAM and UltraDMA-33.

Due to time limitations and the fact that most mainboard vendors haven't yet shipped their initial S370 capable mainboards, we chose to review the Celeron 366 on a platform that we feel will become one of the more popular tier-1 and 2 OEM choices when equipping S370 Celeron systems for sale: The 440LX-based Soyo SY-6ILA mainboard.

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