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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles October 30, 2005

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    AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Review
    By Vince Freeman :  October 1, 2002

    Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo Performance

    The Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo includes a benchmark program that automatically tests two separate modes. One is Flyby, which takes a canned tour of the UT game world and then offers up a framerate score and really hammers both the CPU and video card. The second is Botmatch, and this is a more game-oriented test than Flyby, and is a far more CPU-oriented test. In this section, weve tested UT 2003 at 1024x768 x 32-bit.

    If there was ever a place for the Athlon XP 2700+ to redeem itself, Unreal Tournament 2003 would be the most opportune. The Flyby benchmark test does show the Athlon XP 2700+ out to a convincing lead, and even the Athlon XP 2600+ places just behind the Pentium 4-2.8 GHz results.

    The UT 2003 Demo Botmatch testing puts a much greater emphasis on CPU power, and is therefore grouped a bit tighter together. Even here, the Athlon XP 2700+ continues to lead the pack, and helps pull off a stunning double victory in UT 20030 benchmarking.

    Benchmark Analysis

    There is no doubt that the 333 MHz front-side bus employed with the Athlon XP 2700+ brings with it many inherent performance benefits. Memory bandwidth doesn't increase per say, but the actual usage of the 333 MHz DDR data path naturally jumps, as the CPU bus is raised to a matching 333 MHz. This drives up overall system performance, and makes the Athlon XP 2700+ release much more than a small bump on the core speed highway. The other point worth mentioning is that AMD also announced the Athlon XP 2800+, which if available for our tests, would have conceivably raised the benchmarks that much higher.


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