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Intel Pentium 4-3.2 GHz Review - Page 4

By Vince Freeman June 24, 2003

PCMark 2002 Pro Performance

PCMark 2002 Pro is an intriguing system benchmark, as it relates more to a more generic computer application usage pattern. Instead of relying on synthetic scores or actual business applications, it cuts a swath between the two methodologies. PCMark 2002 Pro performs CPU tasks such as image compression, text search and audio conversion, while combining this with a selection of similar benchmarks for memory, hard drive and video components. As we are dealing specifically with processors, the two sections we test are the CPU and Memory benchmarks.

The PCMark Pro 2002 CPU benchmarks really benefit from the higher clock speeds of the Pentium 4, so it's no surprise that the Pentium 4-3.2 GHz is the top dog. Once again the i865PE platform doesn't fall too far back from the i875P, and takes second place.

The PCMark 2002 Memory scores demonstrate once again that the PAT feature on the i875P pays serious dividends. In fact, the i875P using the Pentium 4-3.2, 3.0C and 2.8C outdistance the i865PE using the 3.2 GHz Pentium 4. Where memory performance is concerned, the platform can have far more impact than the CPU or memory used.

SiSoft SANDRA 2003 Performance

SiSoft SANDRA 2003 is an interesting suite of individual benchmarks and system utilities. The memory bandwidth tests are the most popular section of the SiSoft SANDRA benchmark selection, and highlight the potential performance levels of the CPU-memory subsystem.

The PCMark 2002 scores are duplicated in SiSoft SANDRA 2003 MMX memory testing, and once again the PAT-enabled i875P takes the top three spots, showing some impressive numbers, even with a Pentium 4-2.8C GHz in tow.

The SiSoft SANDRA 2003 SSE benchmarks aren't much different than the MMX results, and it's once again the Pentium 4-3.2 GHz/i875P in the top spots, and the i865PE not being able to catch up, even using 3.2 GHz of Pentium 4 power.

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