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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles August 6, 2007

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    AMD Athlon 64 3400+ Processor Review
    By Vince Freeman :  January 6, 2004

    Unreal Tournament 2003 Performance

    Unreal Tournament 2003 includes a benchmark program that automatically tests in two separate modes. One is Flyby, which takes a canned tour of the UT game world and then offers up a framerate score and really hammers both the CPU and video card. The second is Botmatch, and this is a more game-oriented test than Flyby, and is a far more CPU-bound test. In this section, weve tested UT 2003 at 1024x768 x 32-bit.

    The Athlon 64 FX-51 proved to be a super performer in Unreal Tournament 2003, and the Athlon 64 3400+ follows right in its footsteps. The Flyby scores are definitely weighted in the AMD64 court, and not only does the Athlon 64 3400+ roundly spank the Pentium 4 competition, it also gives the Athlon 64 FX-51 a run for the money, but falls just shy of that goal. To be exact, the Athlon 64 3400+ is just 0.5 FPS behind the FX-51 powerhouse, which is quite negligible in terms of overall performance.

    The UT 2003 Botmatch component is more of a CPU test, and it's no surprise to see the Athlon 64 3400+ right at the top of the chart. The Intel side is nowhere to be seen, and AMD's newest 64-bit processor even squeaks by the Athlon 64 FX-51.

    X2 - The Threat Demo Performance

    The X2 - The Threat Demo is a tough gaming benchmark that takes the form of a rolling demo. It may be technically DirectX 8 in design, but its high-end 3D support and features make this a serious test for current 3D games, and not far removed from our DirectX 9 benchmarking. Once started, the X2 demo displays various game scenes, and incorporates the space-sim aspects of the game into a test run that can really separate the high-end hardware from the pack.

    The X2 Demo benchmark testing gets us back to the standard rankings, with the Athlon 64 3400+ ruling mainstream area, and the Athlon FX-51 providing the highest performance result. The benchmark placement is about what we expected when starting the comparison testing, and is a good indication of overall 3D game rankings.

    Page 1 Athlon 64 3400+: High End for the Mainstream
    Page 2 Performance and Test Systems
    Page 3 Business & CC Winstone 2004 and MPEG-2 Encoding
    Page 4 MPEG-2 Encoding & SiSoft SANDRA 2004 Performance
    Page 5 PCMark Pro 2004 Performance
    Page 6 Quake 3, Wolfenstein: ET, and Comanche 4 Performance
  • Page 7 Unreal Tournament 2003 & X2: Demo Performance
    Page 8 3DMark 2003, AquaMark 3 & GunMetal Performance
    Page 9 Benchmark Analysis, Value and Conclusion

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