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Sharky Extreme : CPU Reviews & Articles June 8, 2011
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CPU Reviews & Articles


Intel Skulltrail Performance Preview

By Vince Freeman :  February 4, 2008

SiSoft SANDRA XII 2008 Bandwidth Performance

SiSoft SANDRA XII 2008 is a very popular system benchmark, and each revision sticks to its roots and supplies a wide range of individual benchmarks and system utilities. These tests include processor, system, network, and hard drive benchmarks, along with many other performance metrics. The memory bandwidth test is the most popular section of the SiSoft SANDRA benchmark suite, and it highlights the potential performance levels of the CPU-memory subsystem. As the Integer and FPU memory bandwidth scores are quite similar, we are only including the first one in our benchmark testing.

The SANDRA XII 2008 memory benchmarking also doesn't show off the Intel Skulltrail platform in the best light, and equipped with CAS5 DDR2-800, it trails the other systems by a noticeable amount. This is the only real flaw of the Skulltrail, as its reliance on a server-based chipset and FB-DIMM technology does limit the type of enthusiast-level memory you can use.

The SiSoft SANDRA XII 2008 Cache & Memory benchmark goes well beyond memory performance, and measures the bandwidth of the combined processor cache and memory subsystem. This test can show off the architectural advantages of each processor, as well as the benefits of larger and faster L1/L2 data caches, and help give us an overall view of how the processor and memory match up in high-speed data transfers.

The Cache & Memory benchmark gets us back on track, and this shows the Intel Skulltrail + 2X QX9775 platform hitting an exceptional score, well ahead of even the Core 2 Extreme QX9770.

The SANDRA multi-core benchmark results aren't quite so definitive, but the Skulltrail is still at the top of the list, nicely ahead of the AMD and Intel competition.

WinRAR 3.71 Performance

WinRAR is one of the most popular compression programs, and it even includes an internal benchmark program that measures the performance of the RAR compression and decompression algorithm using a demanding worst-case data set. This multi-threaded test offers a data throughput rating, and while it does not relate specifically to cache or memory transfers, we have found that the overall throughput numbers do adhere closely to the overall architecture. A faster clock speed certainly helps, but the score also ties in closely with memory, cache and CPU performance.

The WinRAR results are a bit of a surprise, since this test usually scales quite well to CPU power, system bandwidth and bus speeds, but memory performance is also a determining factor - this last part is likely why the Intel Skulltrail is in second place.

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Taking a Walk Down the Skulltrail

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Test Setup and Benchmark Software

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PCMark05 Pro Performance

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    SiSoft SANDRA XII and WinRAR Bandwidth Performance

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    Company of Heroes, F.E.A.R. and Supreme Commander Performance

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    Lost Planet Multi-threading & Power Consumption Testing

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    Benchmark Analysis, Value and Conclusion

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