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Sharky Extreme : October 9, 2008

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Diamond Multimedia

440BX Motherboard with plenty of funky features

Complete instruction manual on CD via Adobe .pdf format

$130 - $140

When gamers and PC aficionados think of Diamond Multimedia's product range, images of video accelerators and sound cards are first to come to mind. But in the dog eat dog world of PC peripheral sales, diversity has become mandatory for even the biggest players in order to satisfy their shareholder's earnings expectations.

In 1998 Diamond Multimedia has taken several steps to increase the variety of their offerings towards this goal, including the continued development of their SCSI Host Adapters, audio products, and the acquisition of a Motherboard manufacturing arm (Micronics).

The first fruits of these labors by Diamond are beginning to manifest themselves in the retail market. Three mainboards have been developed and are ready for primetime:

Diamond Micronics C400 (Intel 440BX, Pentium 2/Celeron CPUs)
Diamond Micronics C300 (Intel 440LX, Pentium 2/Celeron CPUs)
Diamond Micronics C200 (Ali Aladdin V, Super7 CPUs)

The first of the "C-Class" (No Mercedes pun intended) boards to debut is the unit we're reviewing today, the C400.

Based on Intel's 440BX AGPset, the C400 includes the standard 5 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots, and 1 AGP port. The slots are housed on a small ATX form factor PCB board, with every connection clearly labeled and discernable.

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