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Sharky Extreme : November 21, 2008

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Zye Technology, Inc
PO Box 37
Carmel, IN 46032 USA
Tel: 1.317.571.8118
Fax: 1.317.571.8228
Email: ZyeUSA@aol.com

F1 Wheel and Pedals


Digital Edge has come up trumps by simply out designing, 'out steeling' and out pricing all other steering wheel/pedals combination currently on the market. If realism is what you crave for then look no further.

The F1 SIM has long been hailed in Europe as the premier wheel and pedal outfit for the PC but until now has been unavailable in the US. E3 provided a stepping stone for the official US launch of the spanking steel construction that is the F1 SIM. In the US the kit is branded with an INDY SIM logo instead and at a competitive price of $349.

Digital Edge's standpoint lay firmly with the real Formula 1 car in mind and they've literally taken the steering wheel and pedals out of a proper F1 car and moulded them to suit the PC. In fact, the wheel itself fits snugly back into a real F1 car in case you ever have the chance to try it. You don't have to but you can. If gaming peripherals could bear big-brass balls then the F1/Indy SIM would do so. Instead it's held together by world famous British Steel- which is as close as it gets.

If you've never seen the inside of an F1 car then imagine a robust and oil stenching steel construction- alright so it doesn't smell of oil but I'm trying to paint a picture for you. Feel the steel, caress the leather and by all means get excited. In fact, I can't mention the steel enough because the whole set weighs more than a few sacks of potatoes (I know because it just cost me 60 quid in excess baggage fees to haul the bloody thing over the Atlantic to my new digs in California); thus readers with spinal problems had best seek an extra pair of hands to aid setting up the beast.

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