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Sharky Extreme : September 5, 2011

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Force Feedback stick w/ a whole lot of knobbs and buttons

Full Interstate '76, MDK: Mission Laguna Beach,
Shadows of The Empire: Battle For Hoth,
Demos of Trophy Bass 2 & Tiger Shark


Microsoft have put their modernising clout into a much needed sector of the industry- the Joystick. For years these obscure looking sticks have come in many shapes, sizes and colours but in terms of innovation the industry has lacked virtually any until now that is. What Microsoft and CH have done is to revolutionise the whole idea of a joystick by trying to suck the game player in by actually giving him a 'feel' of the action. This is getting hard isn't it? I mean reviewing joysticks without the constant referrals to sexual innuendo's has always proved difficult but I shall choose to ignore them. Well mostly...

What do you call a rather large obscene looking and vibrating 'joy' stick usually? I'll leave it to your imagination but wipe those smirks off of your face because Microsoft are continuing where they left off from last year in the world of Joysticks with their latest addition the Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro. Those familiar with the critically acclaimed Microsoft Sidewinder stick may well recognise the ergonomically styled stick that is the Force Feedback. Curves are a plenty and the stick itself is grooved to accommodate the largest of hands if need be and is comfortable to use. Yes the glove doth fit. In terms of appearance the stick differs in that it's base is larger than the Sidewinder's. A lot larger but this is to accommodate the Force Feedback technology so do make sure that your desktop has enough room for it. With ten buttons a shift switch that are all programmable it makes the keyboard a thing of the past in games such as Sub Culture. There's also a throttle and hat switch proving what a high calibre and quality stick Microsoft have moved into the industry with. One other subtle but useful touch is the ability to rotate the joystick with a flick of the wrist making you shimmy or strafe side-to-side.

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