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Intel 845G Pentium 4-DDR Chipset Review

By Vince Freeman :  May 20, 2002

SiSoft SANDRA 2002

SiSoft SANDRA is an interesting suite of individual benchmarks and system utilities. The memory bandwidth tests are the most popular section of the SiSoft SANDRA benchmark suite and are the best suited to motherboard performance tests.

Without the DDR333 option to aid memory performance of the i845G, benchmarks results so far have been impressive, but SiSoft SANDRA seems to be unaffected. The memory bandwidth scores are slightly higher than the i845D, but not by a noticeable level. The i850E and SiS 645DX still remain the front runners, and will continue to be until Intel formally addresses the DDR333 issue.

PCMark 2002 Pro Performance

PCMark 2002 Pro is an intriguing system benchmark, as it relates more to basic computer usage. Instead of relying on synthetic scores or actual business applications, it cuts a swath between the two methodologies. PCMark 2002 Pro performs CPU tasks such as image compression, text search and audio conversion, while combining this with a selection of similar benchmarks for memory, hard drive and video components. As we are dealing specifically with motherboard chipsets, the two portions we will be looking at are the CPU and Memory Scores.

The CPU tests show all three 533 MHz Pentium 4 platforms very close together, as you would expect from any high performance platform. The memory section is a bit different, as both the 645DX and i850E well ahead of the i845G. At least part of this discrepancy is due to the use of DDR266, while the two other platforms have the luxury of DDR33 and RDRAM memory.

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Intel 845G Chipset Features

Page 3

Intel 845G Chipset Specifications

Page 4

Performance and Test Systems

Page 5

Business and Content Creation Winstone Performance

  • Page 6

    SANDRA 2002 and PCMark 2002 Pro Performance

    Page 7

    Quake 3 & Return to Castle Wolfenstein Performance

    Page 8

    i845G Integrated 3D Video Performance

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    Benchmark Analysis, Value and Conclusion

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