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Intel 925X & 915G Express Chipsets Review - Page 4

By Vince Freeman July 9, 2004

Business Winstone 2004 Performance

The Business Winstone 2004 suite from ZD Labs is an update to the application-based PC benchmark line we've been using for years. It still makes use of real-world application tests like word processing, spreadsheets, web browsing and formatting, as well as file compression, anti-virus scanning and email. A multi-tasking component has also been added, and the base requirements have been upgraded quite significantly. As usual, this suite of programs is run from a batch script that attempts to accurately emulate a business system load, and then supplies us with a final performance rating.

The first set of Business Winstone scores show the 925X and 915G chipsets running very close with dedicated AGP video, but once the Intel GMA 900 graphics are brought into play, the performance falls quite sharply. The Intel 3.4 GHz processor comparison testing shows all four Intel platforms posting nice scores, but the 925X and 916G still finish ahead of the Pentium 4-3.4C and 3.4E scores.

Content Creation Winstone 2004 Performance

Content Creation Winstone 2004 is another new update to the Winstone line, and also updates the base requirements and applications. We're still looking at an application-based test suite, which includes hot programs like Photoshop, Macromedia Director, LightWave, Wavelab, and many others. This new version also includes Windows Media Encoder 9, which means the AMD and Intel processor features are fully recognized and supported. This is a very demanding system benchmark, and makes a great comparison tool for our high-end testing and when comparing component performance levels using the latest multimedia software.

One important note is that the latest 1.0.1 update patch has enabled multi-processor and Hyper-Threading support in the LightWave section of the test.

The Content Creation Winstone performance scores are much closer, and the use of integrated GMA 900 graphics certainly doesn't take a noticeable performance toll. The 925X once again proves to be a bit faster than the 915G, but the i875P also posts slightly higher scores than Intel's new mainstream chipset.

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