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Sharky Extreme :

Pricing: $249 esp

Availability: Out Now

Let me just get this out of my system…


That's better.

Widely hailed around the Web and in just about every computer gaming magazine you can open, the 5-piece Klipsch Promedia speakers have Wow-factor to burn. With a total 400 watts of power on the desktop, they are the most powerful multimedia speakers available. If anything, this remarkable set may be too powerful for some tastes, as it can make you fidget between 1 and 3 on the volume dial just to keep from waking the neighbors. And I'm still not sure whether that nuclear reactor it calls a sub-woofer is doing any permanent damage to my reproductive capacity, sitting as it does just beneath my desk. I know that my pockets rattle from the Quake III rocket launcher sound effects. And the gattling guns actually produce a familiar stimulating thrill. So, while I can't really tell if Klipsch is unwittingly helping or hindering my fertility status, I find it hard to believe it doesn't have some effect. At the very least, all my future offspring might have booming voices.

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