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  • Price: $115 - $140

    Shipping: October

    It's been almost three months since we reviewed the Soyo SY6BA+ III 440BX mainboard back in July.

    At that time we heaped praise on the board for offering a large amount of front side bus speed settings as well as adjustable voltage controls and support for up to 1GB of main system memory.

    Today we're looking at the brand new "IV" version of the SY6BA+, which takes the strong foundation that the III version had and adds UDMA/66 support to the mix.

    With the 440BX mainboard market crowded with good products from a variety of mainboard vendors, is the SY6BA+ IV worth your hard-earned dollars?

    Let's look now at what will likely be the last 440BX mainboard to come from Soyo, Inc. as the shift to Intel's i820 Camino chipset begins in earnest.

    The SY6BA+ IV (or "V4" as the staff took to calling it) is an extremely practical mainboard that offers a plethora of desirable features.

    Thanks to the inclusion of Soyo's intuitive Soft Menu BIOS CPU controls, accessing the board's 29 different front side bus settings for CPU overclocking is relatively easy even for a beginner.

    Let's look at the V4's detailed spec sheet...

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