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Sharky Extreme : October 22, 2006

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Price: $65 - $80

Shipping: Now

Recently Intel announced that both their low-end and high-end desktop CPU lines will slowly be migrating to the Socket370 architecture over the next six to twelve months, including the Celeron and Pentium III brands.

This comes as no surprise to most of Sharky Extreme's readership who have followed our updates on the official Intel roadmap for this year and next.

Today we're taking a look at one of the many Socket370 Intel 440ZX-based mainboards on the market, this one coming from the relatively unknown Pine Technology. Pine Technology may not have the name recognition that Abit, ASUS, or AOpen currently do, but they do have a similar sales volume and history- mostly to OEM system integrators.

Lets take a peek under the hood now (not bonnet Alex) and see what the Pine ZA3 mainboard has to offer PC owners looking to upgrade.

Mainboards based on the Intel 440ZX AGPset may not be as sexy as boards produced with the 440BX or the new core logic sets, this much is clear. But there is a certain amount of workhorse mentality that comes across from each of the 440ZX boards, which is well described by the ZA3's spec sheet.

Far from the luxurious appointments that most Mercedes-like 440BX boards offer, the 440ZX propelled products usually equate well to their intended role, which is that of the proverbial Honda Civic.

Basic. Reliable. Cheap.

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