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  • Website: http://www.transcendusa.com

    Price: $109

    Six months after the i815E was initially introduced, the market has become saturated with boards from well-known vendors along with manufacturers with whom you may not be as familiar. Some of these lesser known products are genuine gems and others are better suited as genuine doorstops. With so many choices, how do you know if a board is right for you?

    In an attempt to strengthen market share and attract a broad base of potential i815E customers, Transcend has released their TS-ASL3 i815E motherboard, which retails for significantly less than a more feature-complete solution from another larger motherboard manufacturer. Based on one of Intel's flagship chipsets, the ASL3 has a strong backbone and, coupled with a host of overclocking options plus a reputation for stability, Transcend has a successful product. Is it for everyone, though? This will be the question we answer as we pit the ASL3 against the more established CUSL2, from ASUS.

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