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  • Price: $135 - $150

    Bundle: Expendable Lite, Half-Life: Day-One, Moto-Racer 2 OEM

    Ship Date: Now

    Canadian graphics board manufacturer ATi has won several accolades and high praise for the excellent products they've introduced in the '90s that offer integrated video capture and editing capabilities along with good performance and high quality driver support.

    With competitor products like Matrox's G400 TV and 3dfx's Voodoo3 3500 TV bringing 3D acceleration as well as video capture into the mainstream on entertainment oriented cards, we knew ATi wouldn't be far behind from entering the fray with a new card of their own.

    Deciding to go after the value-oriented segment of the market, which has been a previous stronghold for ATi, the company has produced a card that stands virtually alone in the "sub-$200 video capture" market.

    The Rage Fury Pro 32MB is that card and it's propelled by an upgraded version of ATi's competent Rage128GL graphics engine, the Rage128 Pro.

    Let's look now at a very rare beast, in this case it's one that does it all well.

    With the proliferation of video cameras over the past 10 years the need for video card solutions that offer the ability to edit and manipulate raw footage on a PC is great even in the average family home.

    Just taking still images from a running tape is quite desirable for many reasons, principally in bigger families so kids can email shots from a recent vacation or other filmed activity to their parents/grandparents.

    But the average PC also needs a good degree of 3D acceleration to be able to power through recent graphically intensive games and that's traditionally where capture-capable video cards have had their problems.

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