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Sharky Extreme : October 3, 2008

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Price: $60 - $80 (esp)

Bundle: Various game demos

Available: Now

The need for a good video accelerator card within every PC has never been greater. As CPUs have grown in power and capability, software has increased its demand for high-impact graphics over a wide range of applications.

From Microsoft's Power Point to id Software's Quake3: Arena, never before has buying a video accelerator meant so much in regards to a PC owner's satisfaction level.

Today Sharky Extreme is taking a look at one of the least expensive 2D/3D AGP 2X video accelerators on the market, one that can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive $70 (after a mail in $20 rebate).

Called the "Maxi Gamer Phoenix 2" by manufacturer Guillemot, the Phoenix 2 ushers in the dawn of low cost, high value video accelerators that, while pleasing to the eye, remain pleasing to the budget as well.

Let's take a look at the Phoenix 2 now, and determine if it's a card that should be part of your next PC.

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