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Sharky Extreme : May 1, 2008

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Price: $159

Bundle: None

Available: Now

A few months ago, Skywell Technologies announced that they were going to be doing NVIDIA TNT2 based products and they asked for feedback from you, our readers, on which configurations/preferences you'd like to see on their board.

Perhaps they already knew then that the competition, especially in Taiwan where the company is based, would be exceptionally stiff. We've actually lost count of the number of Taiwanese board manufacturers doing TNT2-based products. Today we're going to take a look at what they've come up with.

The board we tested was a "standard" TNT 2 but with a graphics core clock of 150Mhz, not the NVIDIA recommended 125MHz. The memory clock is at 150MHz, which is in line with NVIDIA's recommended frequency. This particular version from Skywell comes with 32Mb SDRAM. Boards with 16/32Mb SGRAM will also be available and boards with TV/S-video out as well. There is also an active fan on the board to keep the TNT 2 chip running cool at all times in case you decide to dabble with overclocking.

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