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    3dfx has met massive difficulties in the 3D performance arena. They shipped their VSA-100 based Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 cards (except for the Voodoo5 6000) several months late. This had led to huge losses for 3dfx, ever since their Voodoo3 days.

    Under new leadership, it looks like 3dfx is undergoing major product changes in order to return to profitability. 3dfx is trying to reposition themselves as a computer entertainment company, whatever that means. The first major change we're seeing in the market is their new VoodooTV 100 and 200 TV tuner cards. Today, we're taking a look at the VoodooTV 200.

    The VoodooTV 200 is both a TV tuner, a TV recorder, a TV still picture taker, and an FM radio (sorry, no AM). It uses the MicroTune MT2032 to receive its signals. This MicroTune device is a tuner-on-chip solution, and according to 3dfx is the first shipping tuner-on-chip TV-tuner card to ship. The chip itself has some shielding on the card, but has no analog component. The chip can also receive FM signals but not AM signals.

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