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  • Of course our review would not be complete without some real world testing, but we want to forewarn you that there really isn't anything new about the performance of the WinFast GeForce 3 TD. After all of our testing, we can simply conclude that a GeForce 3 is a Geforce 3 when it comes to performance. For unknown reasons, our Visiontek GeForce 3 was always about 1 FPS faster than the WinFast GeForce 3 TD, however this difference does not represent a significant performance increase over the WinFast board. That said, on to our results.

    We tested the WinFast GeForce 3 TD with the following test system:

    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.7GHz
    • Motherboard/Chipset: Intel 850 Chipset/Motherboard (Dell OEM)
    • IDE Interface: Ultra ATA/100
    • Memory: 256MB PC800 RDRAM
    • HD: Maxtor 7200RPM DMA/100
    • IDE Interface: Ultra ATA/100
    • Video: Winfast GF3, Hercules Prophet III GF3, Dell OEM 32 MB GTS
    • CD/DVD: NEC 16x DVD-ROM
    • Sound: SB Live! 1024 Sound
    • Windows 98 Second Edition
    • Power Supply: 330 Watt

    Winfast GF3:5700
    Hercules GF3:5707
    32MB GTS:3280

    As we're comparing GeForce cards to GeForce cards, it didn't make sense to run 3Mark2001 at various resolutions. Running it As one would expect from two identically-clocked boards based on the same reference design, the 3DMark2001 scores for the Winfast TD GeForce3 and the Hercules Prophet III GeForce3 were almost identical. And just as unsurprising is the fact that the 32 MB GTS tested for the sake of comparison trailed both GF3 boards.

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