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Sharky Extreme : September 8, 2008

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Written by: Alex "Sharky" Ross : April 12th 1999

We've previewed Nvidia's UltraTNT2 chip set and our benchmark results also seemed to impress the majority of you- our readers. In our various meetings with our sources at NVIDIA, it became apparent that they were not only extremely confident in their TNT2 part but that this was only 'the tip of the ice-berg' and was going to put them firmly on map.

Quite clearly though, they are putting their money on NV10, their next generation chip set, as the next 'great leap forward'. We already know that the NV10 will have its own T & L on chip. NVIDIA last week announced that they will be the first company to deliver integrated transform and lighting (T & L) processing in a single-chip solution to the mainstream 3D graphics market. Anything else? Well we've heard rumblings about the NV10 chipset being called TNT3 (no surprises there then) and about an increased minimum memory spec of 64MB and yes of course it'll have a few million more transistors. A die shrink down to .18micron seems unlikely as no 3D chip manufacturer yet seems close (although NEC/PowerVR's Series 3 chipset, which should be released before the end of this year, could well be the first to do so). Of course the big question is when will it come out? Well judging by this Roadmap sent to us by NVIDIA (before anyone gets their nickers in a twist), it looks to be sometime before the end of this year. Judging by our recent conversations with various OEMs, it could well be as early as September…

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