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Sharky Extreme : Video cards December 9, 2011
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Video cards


Unitech Optimus 8500 eXP Review

By Vince Freeman :  July 11, 2002


The Unitech Optimus 8500 eXP is certainly at the top-rung of the ATI performance ladder, so we have included a very wide range of comparison results. In addition to the standard Radeon 8500 128-MB (275/275) scores, there is also the full range of NVIDIA competition, from the GeForce4 Ti 4600 all the way down to the GeForce3 Ti 200.

Our reference platform remains the Pentium 4-2.53 GHz processor powered by a SiS 645DX motherboard and 512-MB of high-end Crucial PC2700. This is an extremely fast setup for 3D game benchmarks and ensures that we've got adequate headroom for the 3D cards to work with. The SiS 645DX is also proving popular with the performance gaming crowd, not to mention being the de facto platform for high-end Pentium 4 overclocking. Even though the Pentium 4-2.53 GHz may be out of reach for many, the actual core speed corresponds well to the overclocking results many are getting.

The ATI driver revision is the latest Catalyst 2.1 (7.72) release, while the NVIDIA cards make use of the latest Detonator 29.42 version, For game benchmarking, Quake 3: Arena, 3DMark 2001SE and Return to Castle Wolfenstein are some of the old standbys, along with newer games like Jedi Knight II, Comanche 4 and Serious Sam; The Second Encounter.

Test System

General Settings:
Desktop Resolution: 1024x768
Color Depth: 16-bit
V-Sync: Disabled

SiS 645DX - MSI 645E Max 2 Motherboard
Processors: Pentium 4-2.53B
Memory: 512 MB Crucial PC2700 DIMM
Motherboard: MSI 645E Max 2
Motherboard chip set: SiS 645DX
NVIDIA reference drivers: 29.42
ATI reference drivers: Catalyst 2.1/7.72
Hard-Drive: Western Digital 40GB 7200RPM ATA100
IDE Interface: Ultra ATA100
Sound: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live
CD/DVD: Panasonic DVD-ROM
Power Supply: Sparkle 400 Watt
Operating System: Windows XP Pro

Video Cards:
Unitech Optimus 8500 eXP
ATI Radeon 8500 128-MB
VisionTek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4200 (128-MB)
GeForce4 Ti 4200 (64-MB) NVIDIA Reference
VisionTek Xtasy GeForce4 Ti 4400
MSI G4Ti4600-VTD GeForce4 Ti 4600
VisionTek Xtasy 6564 GeForce3 Ti 500
Hercules 3D Prophet III Ti 200 GeForce3 Ti 200

Quake III Arena Test Specifics
Version: 1.30 (retail)
V-Sync: Disabled
Sound Disabled
High Quality Defaults

Return to Castle Wolfenstein Specifics:
Version 1.0
High Quality Defaults
Checkpoint MP demo

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter Specifics:
Version 1.05
Elephant Atrium demo

Jedi Knight II Specifics:
Version 1.02 Jk2ffa demo

3DMark 2001SE Pro Specifics
: Version 1.0

Page 1


Page 2

The Unitech Optimus 8500 eXP Card

Page 3

Unitech Optimus 8500 eXP Specifications

  • Page 4

    Performance and Test System

    Page 5

    Quake 3: Arena Performance

    Page 6

    Serious Sam & Return to Castle Wolfenstein Performance

    Page 7

    Comanche, Jedi Knight II & 3DMark 2001 Performance

    Page 8

    Benchmark Analysis and Overclocking

    Page 9

    Value and Conclusion

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