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Sharky Extreme : Video cards October 24, 2011
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Video cards


ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT Review

By Vince Freeman :  July 29, 2005


Along with the TV and multimedia features, the ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT 256-MB is also a very fast gaming card, and its performance is a very important piece of the overall pie. It not only goes up against other cards in terms of A/V features, but needs to perform like a 3D enthusiast card as well. For this review, we'll be matching it up against a standard Radeon X800 XT 256-MB card, as well as Radeon X800 XT Platinum 256-MB, GeForce 6800 GT 256-MB, and GeForce 6800 Ultra 256-MB cards.

We also need a high-end system configuration, and as the All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT 256-MB is an AGP model, we're using an Athlon 64 4000+ coupled with a NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra motherboard and 2x512-MB of OCZ PC4200 EL memory. This is a serious performance base for high-end video card comparisons, and insures that the reference system will not hold back our selection of enthusiast-level video cards. Our operating system is Windows XP Pro SP2 with DirectX 9c, and all video cards have been tested with AGP 8X enabled and 256-MB AGP memory allocated.

Our game benchmark selection includes the standard game tests such as 3DMark 2005, Half-Life 2, DOOM 3, FarCry, UT 2004, UT 2003, and Quake 3: Arena. All testing has been performed using standard 1280x1024 and 1600x1200 32-bit settings, along with high-end 4X anti-aliasing and 8X anisotropic filtering results as well. The 4X AA and 8X AF settings are representative of the detail settings many enthusiasts use for their high-end 3D gaming.

The following gaming benchmark results will really serve two distinct goals. The first being, to make sure the ATI AiW Radeon X800 XT 256-MB measures up performance-wise against a standard Radeon X800 XT board, and secondly, to compare relative ATI-NVIDIA video card and driver performance at this class and price.

* Please note that unless otherwise stated, all performance graph results equate to the standard "higher is better" format.

Test System

General Settings:
Desktop Resolution: 1024x768
Color Depth: 32-bit
V-Sync: Disabled

Reference System:
Processor: Athlon 64 4000+
Memory: 2 x 512-MB OCZ PC4200 EL DDR
Motherboard: K8N Neo2 Platinum
Motherboard chip set: NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra
NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra reference drivers: 5.10
ATI reference video drivers: Catalyst 5.7
NVIDIA reference video drivers: ForceWare 77.72
Hard-Drive: Western Digital WD360
IDE Interface: Serial ATA-150
CD/DVD: AOpen Combo Drive
Power Supply: ANTEC 430 Watt
DirectX 9.0c
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2

Video Cards:

ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT 256-MB
Sapphire Radeon X800 XT 256-MB
ASUS Radeon X800 XT Platinum 256-MB
PNY GeForce 6800 Ultra 256-MB
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT 256-MB

DOOM 3 Test Specifics
Version: 1. 1 (retail)

Half-Life 2 Test Specifics
Version: 1. 0 (retail)

Quake III Arena Test Specifics
Version: 1.30 (retail)

3DMark 2005 Specifics:
Version 1.0.0

Halo: Combat Evolved Specifics
Version: 1.04 (retail)

AquaMark Specifics:
Version 3

Page 1

The ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon X800 XT 256-MB Card

Page 2

The TV Tuner, A/V Inputs, and Real World Usage

  • Page 3

    Performance and Test System

    Page 4

    Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament 2003 Performance

    Page 5

    Unreal Tournament 2004 and FarCry Performance

    Page 6

    DOOM 3 and Half-Life 2 Performance

    Page 7

    3DMark 2005 Standard & Feature Performance

    Page 8

    Benchmark Analysis, Value and Conclusion

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