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The web community is full of amazing web stops and this is just our favorite sample...

If you want to link to Sharky Extreme then please feel free to use either the banner or button below:

SharkyForums.Com - www.sharkyforums.com
This is where you, our dearest readers, get a chance to "interact" with the crew at Sharky Extreme. We welcome your comments, suggestions, advice and pretty much anything else that's on your mind. Best of all is the "Tech Support Q&A Center", where regular readers and SE staff provide answers to questions/problems related to that PC thingy that we all use. Chat away...

Ace's Hardware - www.aceshardware.com
A really great CPU-centric site with a good bite for the truth. Well worth the visit.

AnandTech - www.anandtech.com
What can one say? One fine guy, meshed with one fine Hardware Site. This is one site you can't afford to miss due to to the fact that he possibly stays up later than the Sharky Extreme crew finishing off his articles before anyone else.

Ars-Technica - www.arstechnica.com
These guys dig AMD, Linux, BeOS and loathe Intel, Microsoft and the man. That's what being trendy is all about. Great site with a sense of humor too.

Blue's News - www.bluesnews.com
What can I say that hasn't already been said about the Blue meister. Everything you've heard about him is true (I've seen the man in the flesh). Bleu (in French dammit!) is certainly the man and he also owns the number one Quake2/Games News site on the net, the planet, the solar system etc… He had a web site when I was till wearing nappies and has visited the dentist more times than I've had hot dinners. One day we plan on going to the dentist together.

Extreme Hardware - www.extremehw.com
These two chaps consistently dish out quality articles/opinions and reviews. SE is also lucky enough to have them as contributing editors. Recommended reading.

GameGirlz.Com - www.gamegirlz.com
Run by none other than Vangie "Aurora" Beal (who also does news and interviews for us), this is the orignal girl gamer's site. But if you're a guy don't let that deter you. She runs a first class outfit over there, with plenty of news and articles.

HardOCP - www.hardocp.com
With over 40million web sites out there, it's hard to be original. HardOCP manages to do just that. For a really entertaining read let Kyle take you for a walk through his park and show you how to get every inch out of your system. Top stuff.

HotHardware - www.hothardware.com
Dave and Marco run the sassiest hardware site on the NET. Go check 'em out for some hard hitting reviews and the like.

iXBT Hardware - www.ixbt-labs.com
These folks are from Russia and dish out some excellent reviews and previews of hardware. A really good site to bookmark.

Kert's Page - kert.singnet.com.sg
Kert Chian's page is one of the best 'technology web sites' on the NET. We dig it and think you will too.

Loonygames - www.loonygames.com
Fancy something a little different? Fancy a 'bit on-the-side'? Then Loony and his crew will certainly be right up you alley. A class act and updated weekly.

Mac Surfer - www.macsurfer.com
Looking for Mac news links? This is the place. If it's about the Mac and worth reading, they'll tell you.

Motherboard Homeworld - www.motherboards.org
These guys are the home of homes when it comes to all things related to Motherboards. Pay these guys a visit.

NTCompatible - www.ntcompatible.com
These guys are the home of homes when it comes to all things related to Windows NT/2000. My fav. place for that sorta thing.

PVR-Net - www.pvr-net.com
If you're looking for any PowerVR news- this is the one-stop place for you. Rik is a Brit as well.

Real World Technologies - www.realworldtech.com
Dean Kent runs this exceptionally cool technology web site. He also chips in with the occasional article for us at SE.

Redwood's 3D News (Now Stomped) - www.stomped.com
Redwood's been around longer than I can remember and his new dig at Stomped is run by the man himself, Sean Martin, who is also quite possibly the tallest man alive with a web site. He's also the king of the hill when it comes to 3D Gaming News. I wouldn't like to meet him on a Quake2 server 'cos he'd slap me senseless.

sCary's Shugashack - www.shugashack.com
At 6'3" sCary is also a tall bloke. He's got a girl and now a new car. But he's had a charming web site for longer than I can remember. For a different angle on the industry and life in general check out his Shack.

slashdot.org - www.slashdot.org
Are you a Linux user? Then this is the site for you. Even if you aren't then slashdot.org covers the most interesting news stories of the day with a really useful 'comments' section.

SimHQ - www.simhq.com
Are you into flight sims? Then who ya' gonna call? Dan and the gang run the most popular and up to date simulations site on the web. Fly over...

The Register - www.theregister.co.uk
Mike and the guys back in the UK somehow manage to get their eyes and ears places that few others would dare. A great stop for any rumors that might be flying around.

Thresh's FiringSquad - www.firingsquad.com
What do you get when you blend a Quake 2 champ with a hardware guru? You get Thresh and Kenn playing a duet over on Thresh's FiringSquad. An interesting blend of gaming and hardware knowledge that you all know and love.

Voodooo Extreme - www.ve3d.net; www.voodooextreme.com
My old haunt and a place where I spent the majority of my 'web time' 1997-8. This is the place that invented the 'reach around' and brought Nell Carter some fame.

"the sites listed here are here 'cos I like them and want them there"

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